Lightning Bolts

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Lightning Bolts appear as traps in Tomb Raider and its remake Tomb Raider Anniversary.

In Tomb Raider

In the original Tomb Raider, the Lightning Bolts appear in the chamber dedicated to Thor in the level St. Francis' Folly. Before reaching the room where she can make her way to the Thor Key, she must pass the room with Lightning Bolts.

The Lightning Bolts shoot out from a ball on the ceiling, and to get past them, Lara must carefully walk on either sides of the room. With staying close to the wall and walking until there's one regularly colored tile between Lara and a grey floor tile, she'll make it to the next room by performing a Swan Dive and then quicky jumping further away.

In Tomb Raider Anniversary

Must like in the original, the Lightning Bolts appear in the level Greece - St. Francis Folly also in the remake, Tomb Raider Anniversary.

However, this time the Lightning Bolts appear in the room dedicated to Hephaestus. Like in the original, there's once again a ball on the ceiling, shooting these bolts.

The levels of the floor tiles keeps changing, and the Lightning Bolts strike only to the raised sections of the floor. There are also four pressure pads beneath the ball, which must be activated in order to open a gate leading to the room where the Key of Hephaestus is located.

To get past this trap, Lara must take advantage of the parts of the floor where the Lightning Bolts won't strike, meaning the lower ones, and carefully activate the pressure pads to make her way to the next room.