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Nathan McCree

Last week Meagan Marie, senior community manager at Crystal Dynamics, interviewed Nathan McCree, composer for the first three Classic Tomb Raider games, about his upcoming Kickstarter campaign aimed to bring The Tomb Raider Suite to CD. This interview is now on-line on YouTube: Tomb Raider Suite: Live Interview

The one hour video contains a preview of three of the songs that will be recorded for the CD release, as well as a lot of background information about the project. Nathan also gives some background information about the Concert performed live in December 2016 and how it is connected to the upcoming project. Furthermore he answers some questions from community.

He confirmed that the recording

  • will be done in London's Abbey Road Recording Studios
  • with a bigger live orchestra and choir as the one used at the concert (76 piece orchestra vs. 66 piece, 20 voice choir vs. 16 - these numbers may be increased if enough funding can be gathered)
  • released on CD, vinyl record, and as a digital download
  • and that there will be several rewards available for people funding the recording through Kickstarter (deluxe versions, merchendise, events with Meagan and Shelley Blond, autographed versions of the album, etc).

Moreover he confirmed that doing more concerts in other countries around the world - for those who missed the one in London last year - is very likely to happen, possibly even as soon as this summer, starting with the US and moving to Europe later on.

The interview was recorded in Nathan McCree's home studio in the Czech Republic.