Air Fans

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An air fan found inside the opera house

Air Fans are traps that appear in the Opera House level from Tomb Raider II, High Security Compound of Tomb Raider III, in Shakespeare Cliff from The Lost Artifact, and in Louvre Storm Drains from The Angel of Darkness.

Usually, the air fans are very dangerous since they can kill Lara with only one blow.

A section from the Opera House contains ventilation ducts, and Lara must make her way through, avoiding several air fans.

In High Security Compound Lara must find a button to raise the gates by some ventilation fans in the kitchen area, and then walk by them carefully.

In Shakespeare Cliff, Lara has the possibility to turn off the air fans, and can go pass them safely.

In Louvre Storm Drains, a huge fan serves as an upgrade, since Lara turns the fan and gains a strength upgrade.



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