Shakespeare Cliff

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Shakespeare Cliff
The Lost Artifact
Section British Coast
Level No 3
Secrets 3
Location Europe, England, Dover
Level Chronology:
Willard's Lair Shakespeare Cliff Sleeping with the Fishes

Shakespeare Cliff is the third level in The Lost Artefact, aka Tomb Raider III Gold. It takes place on the white cliffs of Dover, where the English coastline comes closest to the European continent. In this level, Lara must work her way through a system of mines, dug in the construction of the English channel, to find the Hand of Rathmore.

Shakespeare Cliff shares characteristics with the Nevada levels from Tomb Raider III: Lara wears the same outfit, she has access to the quad bike, and some of the environment's equipment is similar.

As a secret in this level, there is a lost cavern deep under the mines which is a small environment for Pteranodons.


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