Woman Versus Wild

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Woman Versus Wild
Tr9 woman versus wild.png
Tomb Raider (2013)
Level No 3
Location Coastal Forest
Level Chronology:
Signs of Life Woman Versus Wild Just Keep Moving

Woman Versus Wild is one of the early game sections in the TOMB RAIDER, after Signs of Life. It takes place at the Coastal Forest location.

During Woman Versus Wild the primary task is to hunt deer. One can also hunt bunnies and crows, but the amount of arrows is quite limited.


Lara sets out from the first base camp Sheltered Ridge to find something to eat. She finds a Dead Hunter and takes his bow. After hunting and shooting the first deer she apologises to it before skinning it and taking the meat back to the base camp. The sections ends here and the game continues in Just Keep Moving.


  • Find something to eat before starving
  • Search for food
  • Find a weapon to hunt deer
  • Collect meat from the deer
  • Return to the camp with the meat



At the Coastal Forest there are a total of 5 GPS Caches, 3 Relics, 5 Documents and 10 Totems to be found.

Set of 3 Relics found in Coastal Forest






Mainly peaceful, but sometimes they may charge at Lara causing some damage


Shoot 10 Totems hanging from trees and bridges.

Typical Scenery of the Level