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In Tomb Raider Underworld Lara visits several Locations around the globe.

Mediterranean Sea

The first location Lara visits in Underworld is the Mediterranean Sea, where she arrives with her Yacht. In this level Lara will need to go diving. Among other enemies, she meets Sharks, a Kraken and finally an old enemy, Jacqueline Natla.



Thailand is the second location Lara pays a visit to in Underworld. Again she travels there with her yacht. From the coast Lara can free climb the cliffs to finally reach a temple complex in the jungle. The level offers Nagas, Bats, Spiders, Tigers and Sharks.

Croft Manor

Main article: Croft Manor Section

The third part of Tomb Raider Underworld will bring Lara back home, to the Croft Manor in Surrey, England.


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After being back home Lara will continue her search in Mexico, Black Jaguars, Spiders,Mercenaries, Jaguar Thralls and Mayan Thralls will make life difficult for her. She will explore an ancient Maya ruin in search for Thor's Belt.

Jan Mayen

Having obtained Thor's Belt Lara will then travel to Jan Mayen Island, to Valhalla in search of Thor's Hammer.


Main article: Arctic Sea Section

With Thor's Hammer finally in her possession and after having obtained the necessary coordinates from Jacqueline Natla, Lara heads into the Arctic to finally find her way into Helheim and to then kill Natla once and for all.


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