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Croft Manor will suffer an explosion in Tomb Raider Underworld.

In the introductory prologue level No Illusions Lara must escape a burning manor to find Zip and Winston in the main hall, trying to escape from the main doors. What happened before these events will be told in a flashback that starts with Lara's adventure in the Mediterranean Sea. The third section of the game will then take place in Croft Manor.

In the process of the game Croft Manor will burn to the ground and it is unclear where Lara will be staying in the future.


While Lara is exploring the underground caverns of Croft Manor to find the second of Thor's Gauntlets, which had been hidden there by her father, a Doppelgänger invades the manor, shoots Zip in the leg and tricks the retina scanner to admit her to the vault, to steal Amanda Evert's Wraith Stone. She then triggers an explosion which can be felt throughout the whole manor and causes it to burn down.

When Lara, coming from beneath the manor makes her way through her bedroom into the main hall, she runs into Zip and Winston trying to get out through the main door. Zip sees Lara and he fires at her. Lara dodges the bullet and turns back to Zip with a look of shock on her face. Winston tries to stop him and says "It's Lara!", but Zip replies, "I know!" and fires at her again. After dodging, Lara pulls out her guns and aims at him, responding "Drop it Zip, or I'll drop you!".

After some explaining, Zip believes Lara to be truthful and tells her that they have not seen Alister. Lara stays behind to check the security camera's recordings to find out what has happened, when she has a run in with her copy. The doppelgänger shoots Alister when he enters the room and he dies in Lara's arms, muttering "I'll see you in Avalon", while the intruder flees.

From the outside Zip and Winston watch as the doppelgänger comes out and gets away and then Lara, carrying Alister's corpse follows. Winston checks for his pulse and then confirms his death to Zip. Lara is pacing in front of the burning manor and finally says "I need Thor's belt to get his hammer, and I need the hammer to kill a God".


Playable Levels

The enemies that Lara Croft will face are Bats as well as Tarantulas and Tiger Thralls brought in from Thailand.



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