Protected by the Dead

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Protected by the Dead
Tomb Raider Underworld
Section Croft Manor Section
Level No 3.1
Secrets 13 Treasures

1 Relic

Location England, Surrey
Level Chronology:
Puppet No Longer Protected by the Dead The Unnamed Days

Protected by the Dead is the eleventh level in Tomb Raider Underworld and the only one of the Croft Manor Section.


After finding a clue left by her father in Thailand, Lara returns to Croft Manor to search the tomb of her grandfather in the Croft Family Crypt for clues.


  • Follow the path into the underground cavern.
  • Climb into the second area.
  • Transport the stone blocks into the first area to place them on the Pressure Plate.
  • Arrange the angels correctly.
  • Turn the wheel to open the gate.
  • Get through quickly.
  • Locate the secret chamber.
  • Exit with the gauntlet.



This level holds 14 secrets, 13 of them are treasures and one of them is a relic.

  • 1st Treasure
The first Treasure is inside a secret vase on Lara's right when the level starts.
  • 2nd Treasure
The second Treasure is inside a secret vase that's located on a ledge with a vertical pole, shortly after obtaining the first Treasure.
  • 3rd Treasure
The third Treasure lays at plain sight on the left side of the large chamber where the tunnels lead. From the doorway overlooking the chamber, drop down to the wooden platform and the to another, lower platform. Use the wooden beams on the left to get to the stone platform with the Treasure.
  • 4th Treasure
From the spot where you found the third Treasure, move to the opposite end from where you pulled up. Grab the horizontal pole and swing across the pit. You'll find the fourth Treasure laying on the floor just next to the left wall.
  • 5th Treasure
At the bottom of the chamber with the stone angel, stand facing the statue. On the right wall you'll see a secret vase, which has the fifth Treasure hidden inside of it.
  • 6th Treasure
After making your way up along the right side of the chamber, you'll come across a stone hallway with a bunch of tarantulas. On the right wall there's a Horizontal Pole. Climb onto it and stand up so that Lara is able to reach the ledge above, leading to the small alcove with the sixth Treasure laying at plain sight.
  • 7th Treasure
From the spot where you got the sixth Treasure, make your way back down carefully to the stone hallway. Pull the horizontal pole off from the wall by pressing interact and carry it with you. Follow the hallway further on and break the secret vase at the stairway leading down, finding the seventh Treasure.
From the seventh Treasure, continue down along the stairs. When you come to a T-shaped intersection, turn left to find a Health Pack and a heavy block around the corner. Behind the grating on the right of the block you'll be able to see the relic. Leave the horizontal pole here, so you'll remember where it is. Pick up the heavy block and go to the end of the hallway, placing it to a Pressure Plate. Then go back the way you came, this time going to a room with glass windows with angel figures. There you'll find another block, which you should take to the previously mentioned Pressure Plate. Now the gate stays open, and you're also able to get the relic.
  • 8th Treasure
Pick up the horizontal pole again (hopefully you haven't lost it!), and make you way to the upper corridor on the left side of the area with the angel-figured windows. Place the horizontal pole to the wall, and obtain the eighth Treasure just like you did with the sixth Treasure.
  • 9th Treasure
After getting past the timed doors, you've arrived to a dark hallway. There's a secret vase along the way in the stairs, containing the ninth Treasure. Stop here to get to the tenth.
  • 10th Treasure
From the spot where you found the ninth Treasure, do not go up the stairs. Follow the hallway to behind of the caved in parts to find the tenth Treasure lying around.
  • 11th Treasure
Move the movable column in front of the stairs you used to come into the study. Climb on top of the column and from there jump to the ledge above the entrance to find the eleventh Treasure lying at plain sight.
  • 12th Treasure
Move the movable columb between the cage and the tall column. Get on top of the movable column, then hop onto a broken pillar and continue along stone beams to the left. You'll see the twelfth Treasure laying at plain sight on a ledge ahead, and reaching it is fairly simple.
  • 13th Treasure
The thirteenth and last Treasure of this level is in a secret vase that's inside the tunnel leading back to the manor. Look carefully around while moving in the tunnel, as the vase might be easy to miss.

First Aid

Lara can find 5 first aid kits in this level.



Traps & Obstacles

Typical Scenery of the Level