The Vault of Trophies

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The Vault of Trophies
The Angel of Darkness
Section Prague Section
Level No 13
Location Czech Republic, Prague
Level Chronology:
Aquatic Research Area The Vault of Trophies Boaz Returns

The Vault of Trophies is a level in The Angel of Darkness. It's the seventh level in the Prague Section.


Lara swims through underwater tunnels to enter a large cave with statues depicting probably the members of the Lux Veritatis. After solving the small puzzle, she opens the entrance to a tunnel with traps that leads to a chamber - most likely Eckhardt's. There Lara will find the Last Obscura Painting.

End Cutscene

After swimming through another set of tunnels, Lara surfaces to a large pool. Pieter Van Eckhardt and Marten Gunderson are standing on the edge, Gunderson is dragging the unconscious Kurtis Trent with him.

  • Eckhardt: Congratulations Miss Croft. You are positively Amazonian. The Vault has defeated us for months.

The pool is drained from water, leaving Lara to the bottom of it.

  • Lara: What do you want Eckhardt?
  • Eckhardt: I am not interested in you or your friend Miss Croft. Give me the painting and you may both leave.
  • Lara: What choice do I have.

Lara throws the Obscura Painting to Eckhardt, who lets go of Kurtis. Kurtis collapses to the ground and Gunderson kicks him to the bottom of the drained pool.

  • Eckhardt: Gunderson, release Boaz.

Kurtis recovers from his unconsciousness, but doesn't allow Lara to come closer to him to see whether he's alright or not. A huge metal door is opening, slowly revealing what has happened to Kristina Boaz after she was punished and thrown to "the pod".

  • Eckhardt: This old colleague of mine was once human - before she displeased me.

Eckhardt, Gunderson and Grant Müller turn away to leave. Eckhardt stops Müller from leaving.

  • Eckhardt: Not you Müller, you useless piece of dross! You failed me too.

Gunderson throws the terrified Dr. Müller to the bottom of the pool, Lara and Kurtis observe him with their pistols drawn. Müller stumbles right to Boaz, who eats him violently and throws what's left of him away.

  • Kurtis: Come on. I'll give you a boost.

Kurtis throws Lara up from the pool. The Boaz-creature is getting closer.

  • Lara: Kurtis, quick.
  • Kurtis: Here! Take these two!

Kurtis throws his Periapt Shards to Lara.

  • Lara: Thses are your specialty Kurtis.
  • Kurtis: Don't worry about ugly here. Go on! You're wasting time! I can take care of her.

Boaz rushes at Kurtis, ready to attack.


  • Open the gate by using the statues.
  • Collect the last Obscura Painting.
  • Find the exit to the next level


Artefacts & Keys



First Aid
More Gear


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


At the beginning of the level, Lara is swimming through a series of underwater tunnels towards the area with statues. If you have picked up the aqua lung from the previous level, Lara will be able to hold her breath longer and make this part of the level much easier.

In this level Lara will wear a new outfit, a Blue Diving Suit. She will wear it as long as she's diving around in the vault. Later throughout the level she will switch back to her AoD Short outfit.

Lara will winds parts of the wall she can kick in in this level. Her task is to get into an underwater room with several statues of Lux Veritatis members. She must move two of the statues (named Vasiley and Limoux) near the center. The notebook also contains a clue: "The brothers reunited see the gates thrown open".


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