Dart Shooters

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Dart Shooters
Obstacle Type Shooters
Related Objects Disc Shooters (similar)
Strategy Run, jump or crawl past them.

The Dart Shooters are the first trap Lara encounters in Tomb Raider, they can be found in many of the games afterwards. Dart Shooters can be poisonous or non-poisonous. The first poisonous traps were found in Tomb Raider III.


How to get past depends on the game. In the original Tomb Raider, where Lara is unable to crouch, she has to run and jump past them. She can use the sloping floor to her advantage, if given. In later games Lara can often conquer these traps by crouching down and crawling underneath.


Tomb Raider

In the original Tomb Raider these dart shooters are not poisonous. They can be found in the Peru and Atlantis Sections of the game. They are given away by the blowpipes attached to the walls.

When Lara follows the pawprints of wolves in Caves, the first level in the original Tomb Raider, she will come past the first set. They can be identified by the slits in the walls. These can easily be overcome by running on the left side of the passage, as the floor is slightly elevated and the two shooters on the right can't reach Lara here. She can easily jump over the two shooters on the left, if even necessary. [1]
A second set is found near the end of the level, after running through the Timed Door and heading up the stairs. [2]

Tomb Raider III

Dart shooters reappear in Tomb Raider III in poisonous form. (see Poisonous Dart Shooters)

Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary

The first time dart shooters occur in the Peruvian mountain caves, they are triggered by Lara stepping onto a Pressure Plate. They can however be deactivated by using the two Jump Switches right at the start. By deactivating them, PlayStation 3 gamers can add the Trophy Bilateral Disarmament (Turn off both dart shooters in the Mountain Entrance hall in Peru) to their statistics.


See Also

Poisonous version of the dart shooters.
A similar trap found in Tomb Raider II. It emits discs instead of dart arrows.


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