Croft Manor Section

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Croft Manor Section

The Croft Manor Section is the third section of Tomb Raider Underworld.

After finding a clue left by her father, Lara returns home to Croft Manor to search her grandfather's tomb.

  • My father stripped Bhogavati of artifacts and destroyed any information that might have led to Helheim, but he left behind a clue that only I would be able to understand. He must have discovered something very dangerous to destroy such an important archaeological site. [1]


As Lara returns from the secret study, Croft Manor is rocked my an enormous explosion. Picking her way through the flames to reach the main hall, Lara finds Winston and a wounded Zip, but barely has time to dodge as Zip opens fire. Zip is convinced that Lara herself had shot him and caused the fire before taking the Wraith Stone as used by Amanda in Tomb Raider Legend. Convincing Zip that it wasn't her and sending them out of the manor to safety, Lara climbs into the Tech Room to study security footage, but encounters a Atlantean Lara Copy, explaining Zip's earlier confusion. The sinister copy mirror's her every move - until, that is, it throws out an arm to shoot the nearby Alister in the chest, mortally wounding him. In the short fight that ensues, a furious Lara is comprehensively outclassed by her double, who disarms and disables her before making an abrupt departure. Lara carries Alister's corpse outside, where Zip and Winston are waiting. She resolves to continue her search without delay: "I need Thor's belt to get his hammer...and I need the hammer to kill a god."




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