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The Story of Tomb Raider Underworld will focus on Lara's search for her mother and Thor's Hammer.


Croft Manor

Tomb Raider Underworld begins with Lara Croft exiting the catacombs beneath Croft Manor. Heading through the hallway, the mansion shakes violently, and two explosions go off; one ahead of her, one behind her. "My God!", she exclaims. Finding her way through her destroyed bedroom and the foyer, she reaches the main door to find Zip and Winston trying to escape. Zip pushes Winston out of the way, calling "Look out!", then fires at Lara who dodges the bullet. Winston tries to stop him, yelling "Stop! It's Lara!", but Zip won't hear of it, answering "I know!". Lara rolls to cover and listens as Zip fires several more shots. "Wait!" she yells.


Mediterranean Sea

One Week Earlier

Lara's search for Avalon, and the truth of her mother's fate, begins one week earlier, aboard her yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, after she receives advice from Professor Eddington, a former associate of her father.

The Path to Avalon

Lara is standing on the outer bridge deck of her yacht, looking out over the quiet ocean, when her laptop begins beeping.
Lara answering the call
She climbs down to answer the call. Zip and Alister appear on the screen.

"Hey Lara. Find it yet?" Zip enquires.
"Patience, Zip. I warned you that conveniently undiscovered islands would be scarce in the Mediterranean."
Alister is seen walking up and down in the background, behind Zip.
"Are you sure this Eddington chap knows what he's talking about?"
"If he says Father was convinced the path to Avalon was here, I have no reason to doubt it." Lara replies.
"Fair enough, but it's... well... we've been talking about it and—" Alister says.

Zip and Alister
Zip gets up from his chair. "You've been talking, man. Leave me out of it."

Alister continues talking. "It's just... all right, maybe Avalon is real,—"
While Alister is talking, Lara prepares for the adventure, readying her guns and diving gear.
"—but just because some mad woman tells you your, your mother didn't die after all... I mean, look... I, I don't want to seem heartless, but this, this idea of your mum living in some, some Celtic underworld... it's a, it's a little bit mental, isn't it?"
" I have no illusions that my mother is holding court in some mythical paradise, Alister. I only want the truth, whatever it may be. I'll ring you later."
Lara presses a button on her laptop and the screen changes. Lara walks out onto the deck, ready to take on the adventure.


Entering an elaborate undersea ruin, she finds engravings that apparently reveal it to be Niflheim, a location from Norse mythology. "Incredible. The carvings are clearly similar to early Germanic design, but this is far older the 5th century, yet, strangely enough, more sophisticated. Proto-Norse runes? Let's see...", Lara states, then points to something written above the door. "World of Mist. That would be Niflheim, the realm of the dead. Not Avalon, exactly," she muses "but the Norse equivalent."

When proceeding throughout the ruin Lara stumbles upon the layer of the Kraken. She takes out her camera, filming the giant creature. "Oh, that's lovely. I hope it's as blind as it looks."

The Norse Connection

At the heart of the ruin of Niflheim, Lara encounters an imposing statue of Thor, son of Odin. "Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. Whatever are you doing down here in Niflheim?" She turns to a pedestal bearing a single ancient glove. She speculates that this may be one half of Jarngreipr, the iron gauntlets that enabled Thor to wield his hammer. "According to the Eddas, Thor needed special iron gauntlets to wield his mighty hammer Mjolnir... Could it be?" The glove itself crumbles at her touch, but a strange device remains; when placed on the back of Lara's hand, it forms around her hand and glows with a radiant blue light. "Thor's hammer Mjolnir was powerful enough to level mountains. But how does this all relate to Avalon?" Before she can investigate further, Lara senses something or someone behind her. She spins around, only to be faced with a group of five mercenaries. "Put your hands on your head and turn around, slowly," she is ordered by the leader. "I don't suppose you'd be open to bribery, would you?" she asks while turning but as a reply the mercenary hits her over the head with his weapon, knocking her out. She regains consciousness to find the artefact taken, and to hear the mercenary leader convey the message that "Amanda Evert sends her regards," before he destroys the exit to the chamber with a well-placed explosive. "Bloody hell," Lara calls out.

God of Thunder

Locating an alternate escape route from the ruin, thereby foiling Amanda's apparent attempt at exacting a highly personal form of revenge, Lara returns to her yacht to discover a ship nearby. After climbing on board, she fights her way through a heavily-armed crew until attacked by the mercenary leader encountered in the ruins below. Their brief battle causes an explosion, killing Lara's opponent instantly and - we soon learn - scuttling the vessel.

As Lara presses forward, she overhears a conversation between Amanda and another woman imprisoned inside a glass tube. Amanda is frustrated that the gauntlet device retrieved by Lara does not seem to function. "Damn, it's too small..." In a significant, though subtle, moment, her caged companion informs her that the object had "bound" itself irrevocably to Lara. "Only Lara can use it now." "Until I kill her," Amanda replies only to hear more bad news, "Even that won't unbind the artifact—" The ships shakes as a result of Lara's fight with the mercenary that resulted in an explosion below deck. Learning about the ship's condition, Amanda gets even more annoyed. " We're taking on water... Damnit! We'll pick this up again later." Amanda departs, leaving Lara face-to-face with Jacqueline Natla, an old rival from her search for the Scion.

Natla greets Lara casually, entirely unsurprised by her arrival. "I'm very pleased to see you again, Lara.", turning to face her, she continues "This specimen jar offers little in the way of amusement, so I've grown fond of watching Amanda suffer the effects of sharing your interests." "Jacqueline Natla. You just don't know when to die," Lara replies. "A trait we have in common, says the former Atlantean queen. Lara starts to put the pieces together, finally seeing where Amanda got her obsession. "It was you who told Amanda about Avalon." But Natla seems to think there are more important topics at this moment. "Our time is short, so choose your questions carefully." Lara immediately returns to the topic weighing most heavily on her mind. "What do you know about my mother?" Confirming that the portal that caused the disappearance of Amelia Croft was part of an ancient transport network, Natla states again what Lara already learned from Amanda at the end of Tomb Raider Legend. "The Dais you and she found in Nepal. It's part of a... travel network, so to speak. It took your mother to Avalon." Lara gets straight to her next question. "My father thought Avalon was below, but that's Niflheim. What's the Norse connection?" Fortunately for this question Natla has a more satisfying answer, "Ah, Richard found the wrong Norse underworld. Your mother didn't go to Niflheim; she went to Helheim." Lara, for the moment not acknowledging the fact that Natla just called her father by his first name, simply asks "Where is it?" At that moment Natla decides to stall for time. " I will tell you where it is, one day. But when that day comes, you'll need Thor's Hammer to get inside. Perhaps you'll have better luck finding it than your father did." This second reference to her father is not lost "What do you mean?" The glass tube is being lifted from the ship by a helicopter, effectively ending their conversation, but not before Natla informs Lara that her search for Thor's Hammer should begin in Thailand. "Your answer is on the west coast of Thailand; seventh parallel."

After Natla's glass cell is hoisted from the ship, Lara escapes the sinking vessel just in time to see Amanda hanging by a rope as the helicopter departs. She has a narrow escape when Lara opens fire with deadly intent, a bullet scoring a gash along her cheek, but Lara is distracted when Amanda throws Thor's gauntlet into the waters below. Lara dives in and successfully retrieves the artefact.



Arriving with her yacht at the coast of Thailand Lara begins recording her surroundings with her camera. "None of the ruins are visible from down here. And if Father did explore this site, I see no sign of it yet." Zip, who is following everything Lara says via video chat puts in "I still don't see how Thailand is connected to Vikings or ruins under the Med, or hell, even Avalon for that matter." Lara explains it "Helheim, Zip. Various myths use different names, but they all apply to the same remnants of the ancient world." Alister, who has joined Zip by now, after being seen doing research in the background, comments "One of these remnants is still alive.", referring to Natla of course, "I would hate to be Amanda if Natla ever gets free." Zip has a more self-preserving approach, "I would hate to be any of us." Lara terminates the chat and gets to business.


In Thailand, Lara makes her way through the ruins of the lost city of Bhogavati. "The characters are Vedic Sanskrit. They're severely weathered... "Bhogavati, of the seventh..." It must be referring to the capital of Patala, the lowest infernal world in Hindu tradition. It's a netherworld populated by snake-people, although the enlightened one, Narada, spoke rather fondly of it." Examining the giant Shiva statue before her she comments, "That's Shiva on top and his mistress Kali is down below.

Lara eventually passes a boundary where the architecture begins to closely resemble that of Niflheim. "The architecture here is different... it's similar to the Niflheim ruins." She encounters a colossal door that glows with the same blue luminescence as Thor's gauntlet when the two are in proximity; equipping the device, Lara puts her hand to the surface of the stone and moves it aside with casual ease. "I can see where the rumours of Thor's godlike strength came from," she remarks.

In the room where the gauntlet's twin should lie, Lara finds only an empty pedestal and a map that she believes to have been recently destroyed. "This was here long before the upper temple was added. Proto-Norse runes again. My son, the treasures here and far - this gauntlet's twin, your belt, Megingjord, and the mighty Mjolnir - are protected by the dead to keep Jörmungandr subdued. But the map's been destroyed, and recently. If one of Thor's Gauntlets was here, it's gone now." Examining the pedestal closely, she notices a message scratched into it's surface. "What's this?" She reads it "Natla - I see your goal and am your puppet no longer - RJC." Recognizing it as her father's work, she notes the unusual use of Richard Croft's middle initial in his monogram, and discerns a deeper meaning that Natla had missed. "Father did this. "RJC..." Strange... Father never used his middle initial in monograms to avoid confusion with his father. That's where you hid the artifact," she exclaims with amusement. "You sly old fox. Now if I can just make it back to the boat..."

When exiting the gauntlet chamber Lara notices how the glove looses its shine. "And I am Thor no longer, it seems. I wonder how he charged it up again?"

  • Zip: You find anything?
  • Lara: There was a map, but Father destroyed it.
  • Alister: Well, the acorn certainly didn't fall very far from the tree.
  • Lara: He did it deliberately, to keep the information from Natla. But I'm sure he recorded everything first, and what's more, he found Thor's other Gauntlet.
  • Zip: Where did he put it?
  • Lara: Right under your nose.

Croft Manor

Returning to Croft Manor, Lara enters its crypt and examines the sarcophagus of her grandfather, Reginald Joseph Croft. Locating an electric switch, she discovers a hidden passageway. In the caverns below she discovers her father's secret study, where Thor's second gauntlet and a recorded message await her. In the message, Richard explains to her that the Norse believed that Avalon contained a powerful weapon. To prevent this from falling into Natla's hands, he destroyed the map detailing the location of Thor's remaining treasures - his belt, Megingjord, and his hammer, Mjolnir. It transpires that all four artefacts are required to enter Avalon.

  • Winston: My apologies, Lady Croft, but I have not tended to the crypt recently.
  • Alister: Why didn't you ever tell us this was down here.
  • Zip: Hell, I wish I still didn't know. Ya know what? I will wait here.
  • Lara: I did warn you that playing your music so loud could wake the dead.
  • Zip: Damn, this is creepy...
  • Alister: What makes you think it's here?
  • Lara: Father signing his name with all three initials was a clear reference to my grandfather.
  • Lara: Light, please.

[She finds a bottom that reveals a secret way below]

  • Lara: Ah, it seems my father was full of surprises.

[Lara finds the room where Thor's second gauntlet is]

  • Richard: Hello, Lara. Here is this room is everything we recovered from Bhogavati, Thailand. Be especially careful with the thralls - they managed to kill six of us before we boxed them up. They were protecting one of Thor's Gauntlets and a map showing where the rest of his treasures were hidden, all of which are necessary to open the way to Avalon. The Norse believed this site contains a powerful weapon, and to safeguard against this possibility, I destroyed the original map. I hope this was not a terrible mistake, but if it was, I hope you and your mother can forgive me.

[The gauntlet stops to glow]

  • Lara: That didn't last long. Ah, well.


Croft Manor

As Lara returns from the secret study, Croft Manor is rocked my an enormous explosion. Picking her way through the flames to reach the main hall, Lara finds Winston and a wounded Zip, but barely has time to dodge as Zip opens fire. Zip is convinced that Lara herself had shot him and caused the fire before taking the Wraith Stone as used by Amanda in Tomb Raider Legend. Convincing Zip that it wasn't her and sending them out of the manor to safety, Lara climbs into the Tech Room to study security footage, but encounters a Atlantean Lara Copy, explaining Zip's earlier confusion. The sinister copy mirror's her every move - until, that is, it throws out an arm to shoot the nearby Alister in the chest, mortally wounding him. In the short fight that ensues, a furious Lara is comprehensively outclassed by her double, who disarms and disables her before making an abrupt departure. Lara carries Alister's corpse outside, where Zip and Winston are waiting. She resolves to continue her search without delay: "I need Thor's belt to get his hammer...and I need the hammer to kill a god."

[Zip pushes Winston back and shoots at Lara]

  • Zip: Look out!
  • Winston: Stop! It's Lara!
  • Zip: I know!
  • Lara: Wait!

[She dodges the shots again, and then points her pistols at him]

  • Lara: Drop it, Zip, or I'll drop you!
  • Zip: What, so you can shoot me again?
  • Winston: It wasn't Lara. Why would she set fire to her own home?
  • Zip: She got into the vault. It had to be her.
  • Lara: Is that what happened here? Someone blew upon the vault?
  • Zip: All right, say it wasn't you. Someone who looked a hell a lot like you opened it using the retina scanner.
  • Lara: Impossible.
  • Zip: Exactly.
  • Lara: Then what happened?
  • Zip: You... she got away with Amanda's Wraith Stone.
  • Lara: Where is Alister?
  • Winston: We haven't seen him.
  • Lara: I'm gonna to the Tech Room to watch the security video. You two get out before the roof comes down.

[Lara is in the tech room and suddenly realizes the doppelgänger is on the other side of the glass]

  • Lara: No...

[The doppelgänger shoots Alister]

  • Lara: No!

[Lara opens the room's doors and tries to fight the thing, but fails. After it escapes, Lara goes to Alister]

  • Lara: Alister!
  • Alister: I feel... bloody awful.
  • Lara: Shhh... Just lie still.
  • Alister: I'll see... you...
  • Lara: Alister, hold on!
  • Alister: ...see you... in... Avalon.

[He dies]

  • Lara: Damnit!

[Lara, Zip and Winston escape the burning Manor. Lara paces the grounds, frustrated]

  • Zip: Ahh. No!

[Winston exams Alister's neck to see if he is still alive, but he is dead]

  • Zip: What the hell was that thing?
  • Lara: I've only seen something like it once before - a doppelganger that Natla sent after me years ago, but that one didn't have a mind of its own.
  • Winston: But how could Natla have sent it if she's Amanda's prisoner?
  • Lara: They're a team of sorts now. Amanda and Natla, her pet Atlantean god.
  • Zip: What are we going to do?
  • Lara: After I deal with the authorities, I'm going to Southern Mexico to retrieve Thor's Belt.
  • Zip: What?! Alister is dead! And... It's just... business as usual?!
  • Lara: I need Thor's belt to get his hammer, and I need the hammer to kill a god.


Directed to Southern Mexico by a photograph (taken by her father) of the desecrated wall map in Thailand, Lara explores Maya ruins to find the entrance to Xibalba and, at the heart of the complex, another Proto-Norse temple. She encounters are carving that depicts a scene from Ragnarok (the Norse legend that tells of the "final battle of the gods" and ends with the flooding of the world), which relates Thor's pivotal battle with the Midgard Serpent. "Thor kills Jormungandr with his hammer, Mjolnir," reads Lara, "but then he retreats only nine steps before he succumbs to the serpent's venom." After draining Jormungandr's pool, she retrieves Megingjord - Thor's belt - and discovers that it powers his gauntlets.

  • Lara: The Mayan calendar had only 360 days, and the remaining five were the Unnamed Days. The Maya believed that each year when the Unnamed Days arrived, the gates to the underworld would open.
  • Lara: Mayan hieroglyphs... "The Place of Fear." It's definitely Xibalba. The Mayan land of the dead.
  • Lara: The Lords of Xibalba were said to kill visitors for sport by sending them into devious trap room.
  • Lara: The Midgard Serpent, Jörmungandr, that lies on the bottom of the ocean, encircling all the world. The coming of Ragnarök. Jörmungandr thrashes beneath the sea, flooding the land and vomiting its deadly poison into the air. The final battle of the gods. Thor kills Jôrmungandr with his hammer, Mjolnir, but then he retreats only nine steps before he succumbs to the serpent's venom.

[Lara gets to a big room, full of Eitr]

  • Lara: Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent. All these ancient sites inspired underworld myths in later cultures... perhaps because they were all protected by the walking dead.
  • Lara: Zip, I have everything I need to get Thor's hammer. Do you have better coordinates for me?
  • Zip: Yeah, I enhanced your dad's photos of the map. I'm uploading to your PDA now.
  • Lara: And your other project?
  • Zip: Haven't tracked'em down, yet. Still working on it.
  • Lara: Very good - I'll call when I get to Jan Mayen Island.
  • Zip: Hey! You know that big expensive ship of Amanda's?
  • Lara: The one on the bottom of the Mediterranean?
  • Zip: Uh-huh, that one. She has a sister; the Tisiphone, anchored off the coast of Thailand. Looks like they're picking through your leftovers.
  • Lara: Excellent work, Zip - thank you. You've earned some rest. I'll take it from here.
  • Zip: Be careful. And when you see Amanda, give her my regards.

Jan Mayen Island

On Jan Mayen Island, Lara opens Valgrind, the "Gate of the Dead", to enter Valhalla. Fighting her way past Thralls, an army of undead that exist to defend the temple, she collects Mjolnir from a room that blazes with it's incredible power.

  • Lara: "Hall of the Slain." Valhalla - Odin's hall, where the warriors who died in battle came to feast and prepare to fight in the final battle of Ragnarök. That makes this Valgrind, the Gate of the Dead. "Old is that gate, and how to unbolt it, few now know." Hmmm. Where are the Valkyries when you need them?

[Lara finds a yeti creature that seems to be dead]

  • Lara: Perhaps these yeti creatures inspired the Viking stories of Frost Giants. [Suddenly, the creature revives]
  • Lara: Thor, greatest of my sons, and the greatest weapon on Earth, are at last reunited. Upon my return, through rituals old and the power of Mjolnir, together we will open the seals of Helheim and fulfill our destinies. Mjolnir - slayer of giants and the Midgard Serpent. More importantly, the key to Helheim, wherever that is. Time to play Natla a visit.

Andaman Sea

With Zip having discovered the location of Amanda and Natla, Lara returns to Thailand, and infiltrates Amanda's sister ship. Using Mjolnir to smite any mercenaries foolish enough to stand before her, Lara fights her way below deck to confront Natla. "Avalon, Helheim, I don't care what it's called - where is it?" she demands.

Lara learns that any desire she may have for vengeance against Natla will have to wait, as only the Atlantean knows how to open the way into Helheim. When Amanda enters the room, she and Lara are poised to fight, but Lara's doppelgänger suddenly intervenes to hurl Amanda through a glass panel in the floor and into the depths below. Lara furiously attacks her near-identical nemesis, but once again, cannot land a clear shot before it escapes. When Natla comments on her behaviour, Lara smashes the glass prison and barely controls the urge to execute her on the spot. "Get out of my sight," Lara growls.

[Lara returns to the imprisoned Natla, again in the hold of a ship]

  • Lara: Avalon, Helheim, I don't care what it's called. Where is it?
  • Natla: Look at all you have done. Incredible. I will never doubt you again.
  • Lara: Tell me, now!
  • Natla: Very well.

[Natla writes something in letters of fire with her finger.]

  • Natla: But, before you put me to death, tell me: are you prepared to wait for Odin to appear and perform the ritual to open Helheim?
  • Lara: And you know this ritual, of course.
  • Natla: I'm sure you've realized that I want to get to Avalon just as much as you do. But neither of us can go alone. You need my ritual and I need you hammer.
  • Lara: If... no, when you step out of line, you'll get it.

[Amanda and the doppelganger appear]

  • Amanda: Stop!
  • Lara: You... destroyed my home. You killed Alister!
  • Amanda: I got what I wanted. Isn't that all we care about? [Both Amanda and Lara prepare for a fight. However, the doppelganger takes Amanda and throws her] Arrrrghhh!
  • Lara: You can die too! [Lara shoots the doppelganger with the beams, but it escapes from all them and runs away]
  • Natla: Ah, Lara, you really are a woman after my own heart.
  • Lara: [Lara breaks Natla's glass prision with the hammer] Yahhh!!! [Lara almost kills Natla with the hammer, but decides to let her go] Get out of my sight.
  • Natla: Meet you there.

Arctic Sea

Lara ventures to a site in the Arctic Circle using coordinates provided by Natla, who - true to her word - performs the ritual that partly opens the entrance to Helheim, enabling Lara to finish the task with Mjolnir. Lara steps inside the main chamber to find a dishevelled figure facing away from her, wearing a tattered navy blue suit and skirt. For a cruel moment, there is a glimpse of Amelia Croft's vacant face before it becomes apparent that the other half of her features have been torn away, revealing the lifeless blood and bone beneath - she is a Thrall. The creature staggers toward Lara with arms outstretched as if to embrace her. Steeling herself against the sheer horror of the moment, Lara unloads both pistols, sending the Thrall tumbling into the void.

Natla chooses this moment to reveal herself - and, for that matter, her role in Lara's misfortunes. "I've lived many times longer than your entire civilization, and I've never seen such delicious irony," she gloats. "When I heard what happened to the wife of the great Richard Croft, I knew I could set him on a desperate quest to find what I desired most. Then he betrayed me in Thailand, and for that I killed him myself. But when you showed up with Thor's gauntlet, I knew I could send you off in your father's footsteps, confident they would lead us to this very spot."

Though ostensibly Amanda's captive - her "pet Atlantean", as Lara wryly described her at an earlier date - we learn that Natla has been exactly where she wanted to be from the start, manipulating those around her to achieve her goals. As Lara hefts Mjolnir to strike her down, the doppelgänger launches a surprise attack, and restrains Lara. Natla leaves to activate the ancient device, Lara then breaks from from the doppelgänger and they fight, which ends with Lara pinned to the floor. As the creature raises its fist to strike a deadly blow, Lara is astonished when Amanda, using the Wraith Stone, hurls it into the abyss. "Trust me, I wanted to let it finish you off," she admits, "but the Midgard Serpent will tear the world apart, and only Thor's hammer can stop it!".

With Amanda holding an endless stream of Thralls at bay, Lara sets about disabling the Midgard Serpent. Jormungandr, Natla reveals, is actually a name for the network of tectonic ridges that encircles the Earth's ocean floors. "When this relic unleashes its fury below, the very seams of the planet will burst. 'The Midgard Serpent will rise up and spew poison into the air, and all of the world will be consumed by its fire and ash'," she exults. "Ragnarok! The seventh age is upon us!"

Lara performs the necessary actions to destabilize the Midgard Serpent, but Natla uses her powers to hold it in position. With a mighty throw, Lara hurls Mjolnir at her, knocking Natla and the doomsday device into the depths of the eitr. The waters of the deadly blue lake beneath begin to rise. "After killing the Midgard Serpent, Thor dies from its venom anyway," Amanda observes bleakly, recalling the Norse legend. "The good news is, we saved the world. The bad news is, now we're gonna die here - just like your mother."

As Lara turns to respond to Amanda's callous remark, she is struck by sudden realization. Scanning the cavern, she espies the stone portal that brought her mother here. Finding that a chunk of one of the surrounding stones has broken free, she holds it in place to reactivate the transportation ring, but realizes that this means she cannot reach the sword that triggers the portal. Amanda is astonished by Lara's suggestion that they cooperate to escape. Faced with the clear opportunity to condemn her sworn enemy to certain death, conflicting emotions cross Amanda's face as she grasps the sword.

Impulsively, Amanda's arm darts out and clasps Lara's hand at the very last moment. Both are hurled through the portal, landing unceremoniously on the cold stone floor of the Nepalese monastery where Amelia Croft disappeared many years before. As they stand, Amanda glares, poised to strike with the Wraith Stone. Lara responds by sheathing the sword from the stone and faces Amanda with empty hands. "So, it's back to this, is it?" observes Lara.

"What, you think we're even?" spits an incredulous Amanda in reply.

"Would killing me make us even?" asks Lara, sadly.

Amanda considers Lara's question for a moment before the angry smoulder of her Wraith Stone dissipates, then leaves. Lara bids a final farewell to her mother and departs.

[Lara finds her mother, who is looking down at the Eitr]

  • Lara: Mother? Mother, it's me. It's Lara.

[Amelia looks at Lara. She has become a half rotted thing, maybe a Thrall]

  • Lara: No... No, no, no... My mother is dead. My mother is dead. My mother died a long time ago. You're not my mother.

[Amelia stumbles forward, reaching out for Lara, who takes her pistols and shoots Amelia until she falls backwards in the Eitr. Natla appears suddenly]

  • Natla: I've lived many times longer than your entire civilization, and I've never seen such delicious irony. When I heard what happened to the wife of the great Richard Croft, I knew I could set him on a desperate quest to find what I desired most. Then he betrayed me in Thailand, and for that I killed him myself. But when you showed up with Thor's Gauntlet. I knew I could send you off in your father's footsteps, confident they would lead us to this very spot.
  • Lara: You seem to have forgotten what I would be holding.

[Lara tries to strike Natla with Thor's hammer and is stopped by the doppelgänger]

  • Natla: When I made this creature for Amanda, she had no idea that my true purpose was to have the means to destroy you at this very moment. The two of you never suspected that you were mere actors in my play. And so it ends. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a serpent to raise.

[Lara is almost killed by the doppelgänger, but Amanda saves here]

  • Lara: Amanda?!
  • Amanda: Trust me, I wanted to let it finish you off, but the Midgard Serpent will tear the world apart, and only Thor's Hammer can stop it! [A group of yeti thralls appear] Go! I'll hold'em off!
  • Lara: Shut it down!
  • Natla: Lara! Unexpected, but I'm glad you're here. You should be allowed to see firsthand the fruits of your labor.
  • Lara: That's the Midgard Serpent?
  • Natla: Of course not. Jörmungandr is the network of the tectonic ridges that encircles the earth on the ocean floor. And we stand now on its weakest point, where the ancient supercontinent Pangaea first broke in two. When this relic unleashes its fury below, the very seams of the planet will burst. (She quotes from an Edda;) "The Midgard Serpent will rise up and spew poison into the air, and all the world will be consumed by fire and ash." Ragnarök! The seventh age is upon us!
  • Amanda: After killing the Midgard Serpent, Thor dies from its venom anyway.
  • Lara: Not if you clear the corridor and get us out of here!

[Amanda tries to use her powers, but fails]

  • Amanda: Out of juice, just like Bolivia. The good news is we saved the world. The bad news is now we're going to die here, just like your mother.

[Lara is about to punch Amanda, but stops]

  • Lara: Wait...

[She and Amanda discover a Stone Dais and an Excalibur]

  • Lara: Mother must have tried to use it to escape but didn't know how. If pulling out these artifacts always brings you here, what will happen if I'm already here?
  • Amanda: Maybe you'll go to hell.

[Lara sees a section of a pillar is missing. She replaces the missing section so as to active the portal]

  • Lara: Damn it. I can't reach the sword, but you can.
  • Amanda: What about you?
  • Lara: I can reach you if you hold out your hand.
  • Amanda: You trust me?
  • Lara: We're out of time, Amanda.

[After deciding whether to help Lara or not, Amanda quickly pulls out the sword and takes Lara's hand]

  • Amanda: Now!
  • Lara: So, it's back to this, is it?
  • Amanda: What, you think we're even?
  • Lara: Would killing me make us even?

[Amanda leaves the room. Lara takes the drawings she left there when she was a child]

  • Lara: Goodbye, Mother. Rest in peace.