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Coastal Forest is a hub location in Tomb Raider (2013). The player visits this location during the Signs of Life, Woman versus Wild, Just Keep Moving, and At an Impasse levels of the game.

It starts after leaving the Coastal Bluffs location and ends when Lara enters the Mountain Temple location.


When Lara first visits here her main objective is to get the bow from the Dead Hunter and kill a deer for food. After that she explores an old bunker-like structure with a flooded tunnel, emerging on the other side to find Sam and Mathias in conversation. She then falls asleep and wakes up to an empty camp. On her search for Sam her foot gets stuck in a trap and she has to defend herself from three wolves. The other Survivors show up and Reyes shots the trap to release her. After they split up again, Lara can explore another hunting ground, this time with attacking wolves. She and Dr. Whitman have to find a way to open the gate to the next location.


This is mainly a hunting ground. The player learns how to handle the first weapon, the bow and the usage of Base Camps for spending Skill Points to advance her skills and Salvage to upgrade her gear. Also, the Old Pry Tool, a makeshift version of the Axe is introduced and used to pry open doors and open the gate at the end of the location.


Base Camps

Day Camps