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Nationality Aztec
Occupation Warrior
Game(s) Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Voice Jim Cummings

Totec is a playable character from Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. He accompanies Lara on her adventure and they'll have to work together in order to overcome certain obstacles. Totec can be controlled by the gamer. In the two-player mode you can for example take control of Totec, while a friend controls Lara.

Totec's main weapon is a spear, but he'll also make use of other weapons he comes across, like for example a flame thrower. He carries a shield on his back, which he can use to help Lara climbing up.

Totec has been the opponent of the evil god Xolotl for a long time. Once they fought a mythological battle in Yucatan where Xolotl was finally imprisoned using the Mirror of Smoke. Totec also remained behind to guard over Xolotl should he ever escape. When the warlord Vasco takes the Mirror, both are set free, and Totec teams up with Lara to prevent him from destroying the world.