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Title as seen in the trailer

The TOMB RAIDER (Trailer F4) (aka Second Trailer) is a theatrical trailer for the Reboot Movie starring Alicia Vikander. It is the second trailer that was released on 18 January 2018, following the September '17 F1 Trailer.

The Trailer's running time is about 2 minutes 25 seconds. The release was hinted at days before on the official Social Media channels of Warner Bros and Square Enix as well as semi-private accounts of actors involved with the film like Alicia Vikander herself.


The trailer starts with a aerial shot of London, focussing on the finance district of the City of London. It soon cuts over to Lara, talking about how she thinks she has seen her father again, followed by a montage of memories from her childhood in the gardens of the Croft Manor, with a voice-over by Lara, telling the viewer that she believes she is "going mad".

Young Lara and Her Father

It then cuts to Ana Miller, telling her that her "father is gone", followed by boxing scene where Lara is beaten down, with her voice-over telling the viewer that "at some point you have to face up to who we are." After that we see Lara on her job as a bike messenger, weaving in and out of the London traffic on her bike, finally arriving at a scene of her slamming a diary of some sorts on a desk and investigating a map of the region she believes her father has travelled to last. Lu Ren informs her that it is "right in the middle of the Devil's Sea."

Hand-held Puzzle

What follows is a rapid succession of images from Lara's escape from the sinking ship and her arrival on the strange island. We get introduced to the main villain of the movie, Mathias Vogel. After he tells her that her father has "put him" on the island and that he "see[s] the likeness" of them, we witness Lara trying to solve some kind of puzzle, followed by her hanging by one hand in the wreck of an old plane. The trailer cuts back to a conversion she seemingly has with Mathias, asking him what he knows about her father.

Lara Hanging From Plane Wreck

This is the queue for another memory sequence: the adult Lara Croft enters a secret room inside Croft Manor and finds an old video camera with recordings her father made. He talks to her specifically, as if she was meant to find them. She realizes that he has lead a double life. Back on the island meanwhile Lara witnesses Mathias' reign over the island and finally tries to escape his henchmen in a wild chase, while in a voice-over her father tells her about the secret organization Trinity that is trying "to start a global genocide". Her escape ends with falling into a gorge with a rapid stream inside that almost washes her down a immense waterfall, but she manges to grab hold of the wing of an old plane that went down in that exact location.

Puzzle Inside the Tomb

After the announcement that the film arrives "this March" we witness Lara being forced into a mysterious tomb by Mathias, where she has to solve several puzzles. The pace picks up from here and we see several cuts of Lara running through the jungle, shooting arrows, falling, using a parachute, swimming, fighting, and a stand-off with Mathias. It ends with her jumping a immense gap and using her climbing axe to survive.

The movie title than takes up the whole screen.

Trailer Music

The background music that can be heard in the trailer is a cover version of the Destiny's Child song "Survivor". It was produced by the 2WEI Music GmbH, a German duo/company - consisting of Christian Vorländer and Simon Heeger - specialised in music for movies, trailer, and commercials[1]. The complete song can be listened to on YouTube[2] or SoundCloud[3].

Release History

A Twitter posting by Alicia[4], posted on 17 September 2017, suggested the trailer would be released on the next day. According to the British Board of Film Classification, the trailer has been sent in for review on 11 January[5]. The submitted running time is 2 minutes 24 seconds. According to the BBFS website there are several other trailers for this movie that have not been released yet and may be for advertisement purposes in cinemas or on TV.



The trailer was provided to this fan page by Warner Bros.


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