Stealth Mode

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Lara moving in Stealth Mode in Parisian Back Streets

Using Stealth Mode Lara can move around an area without being immediately discovered.

The Angle of Darkness

Stealth Mode was a new option in The Angel of Darkness that allows Lara to move quietly in order to get by and/or kill enemies silently. It was first introduced in the level Parisian Backstreets.

It has to be activated manually by pressing the Stealth Button (Return on PC and L2 on the PS2). Lara will change to Stealth Mode and sneak around in a slightly crouched position.

Pressing action next to a wall while in the Stealth Mode lets Lara hug the wall, silently sneaking to the corner and carefully looking behind it to see if there are enemies ahead.

Stealth Mode can also be used while crawling. Press the Stealth button while crawling and Lara will lie down flat on the ground. She can use this bellycrawl to get underneath laser beams e.g. in Von Croy's Apartment.

Reboot Games

Lara climbing stairs in Stealth Mode in the Lost City

The Stealth Mode makes a reappearance in the Reboot Games (Tomb Raider (2013), Rise of the Tomb Raider). Here Lara will automatically switch to Stealth Mode whenever Enemies or dangerous animals are near. She can still be seen by enemies while in stealth mode unless she hides herself in bushes or behind barriers.

Stealth Mode can be used to sneak up on Enemies from behind. If Lara gets close enough the player can press Y to use either the Bow to strangle or the Combat Knife - if available - to kill the enemy silently. If Lara is very careful she can clean out whole areas using this tactics; if she succeeds she will get an additional XP bonus for not being seen.