Standard Expedition Gear

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Standard Expedition Gear in Tomb Raider Legend

Standard Expedition Gear, also known simply as Legend, is one of the outfits in Tomb Raider Legend. It is also an unlockable outfit in Tomb Raider Anniversary and a downloadable outfit in Tomb Raider Underworld.


Worn In


In Tomb Raider Anniversary the Standard Expedition Gear can be unlocked by collecting one of the two relics in Peru. This one relic can either be the Kero Mug or the Killer Whale Bottle.

The Outfit

  • brown shorts
  • grey-brown top with V-neck
  • white sports bra
  • brown boots
  • white socks
  • black gloves

From the official Site

Lara's standard expedition gear is comfortable and practical for most situation and environments. It's constructed of the highest quality materials for durability under harsh conditions. [1]