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  • ...nerator in the generator room to move the [[Crane (Tomb Raider Chronicles)|crane]].
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  • Image:Natlasminestra2.jpg|Mines (Crane)
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  • ...her in the area. Lara climb to a control room where she can use a magnetic crane to destroy the turrets. Another occasions when Sentry Gun are encountered a
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  • ...enough). The only safe way across (aside the huge level shortcut using the crane in the middle of the skyline chasm) is an underwater tunnel accessed by cor ...the skyline chasm and St Pauls. The first secret can be found by using the crane structure. The first section of the industrialism is to claim the Flue Room
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  • ...oser with the magnetic grapple. Then quickly jump onto the rope before the crane swings back. Swing to the other side and jump to the platform there. Climb Pull closer the next crane-arm, using the grapple. Jump onto the rope and the crane will swing back. (Careful, if you are too low, Lara might burn her feet.) S
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  • Lara uses a crane to get onto the deck of the submarine. She then sneaks behind some crates a
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