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Shooting Range is an area that is used for practicing shooting.

There are a few Shooting Ranges in Tomb Raider Games, some are less intimidating than others. Also, the purpose of the Shooting Range varies depending on the overall setting: it can be just for fun or a serious part of the adventure with deadly consequences if one fails to complete it.


The first ever Shooting Range occurs in the Croft Manor in Tomb Raider III. It is a part of the Assault Course with target panels popping up from behind some short ledges. Winston is also wearing a target mark, but shooting him is useless and time consuming.
Lara finds a Shooting Range in the small entertainment park called Egyptian Adventure. Lara lands onto a ledge that will drop after about twenty seconds - dropping her to deadly spikes. To prevent this from happening, Lara must shoot all the targets in the room, which deactivates the spikes. The easiest and fastest way to get rid of the targets is to use Crossbow Explosive Ammo
There are two Shooting Ranges to be found in this level, located right next to each other. It is highly recommended to save the game before each of the Shooting Ranges! During the first one is mandatory to complete succesfully in order to be able to proceed in the level. All of the targets must be shot before they cross the line nearest to the window, this enbales the player to both proceed in the level and enter the second Shooting Range. The second Shooting Range is optional, and one must choose wisely whether to enter the room or not. Once the player enters the room, he or she will not be able to exit until the Shooting Range is completed succesfully! As soon as Lara activates the targets poison gas starts to flow into the room. She must shoot all the targets before they cross the middle line on the floor to save her life. Completing the second Shooting Range rewards the player with a Golden Rose.