Shadow of the Tomb Raider Release Dates

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The Shadow of the Tomb Raider Release Dates are as follows:

PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be released globally and for all supported launch Platforms on 14 September 2018. There is no exclusivity deal as with the predecessor.

The following launch platforms have been confirmed so far:

Mac OS, Linux, and other Consoles

As of March 2018 no information about planned MacOS X and Linux versions are available. As with the previous reboot titles these versions can be expected about a year or even later after the release of the Windows versions, but no official statement has been made yet.

Consoles from the last generation (PS3, Xbox 360) will definitely not be supported.

As of now it is unclear if there will be a version for the recent Nintendo Switch console. No official announcement concerning this platform has been made so far.