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The term Screenshot refers to any image taken directly from a computer system like PCs or Consoles. These can be as simple as an image of the current desktop to a scene from a game - like any of the Tomb Raider Games - or a video.

On Windows systems to take a screenshot one has to press the "Print" key on the keyboard. The content of the current frame buffer will be saved to the clipboard and can be imported into a image manipulation program with CTRL-V. To take screenshots from videos special software might be needed because of copy protection - note that this might not be legal in many countries. Many games come with a build in screenshot mechanism that saves directly to the computer's hard drive. Also, Steam includes a screenshot feature, as well as the Windows 10 Xbox App

On Google Android there is no universal way to take a screenshot that works on all devices. For example many devices will take a screenshot by pressing the "Power" and "Volume Down" keys for up to three seconds. Samsung devices often use a swipe motion across the touch screen to take a screenshot. Consult your Smartphone's or Tablet PC's manual for more information. Special screenshot apps are available in the Google Play Store.

On Apple iOS one has to push and hold the "Sleep" button and then click the "Home" button.

On the PlayStation 4 to take a screenshot simply push the Share-Button. You can then select a screenshot or a video of the last 15 minutes you have played - or longer, depending on the system settings and available hard disk space - to be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook or copied to USB sticks or hard disks.

Since the March 2015 update of the Xbox One firmware one can take screenshots by double tapping the "Xbox" button on the controller. Saving them to an USB device however requires a Gold membership.

Note: Uploading screenshots or videos to the internet or sharing them in a different manner may be prohibited by copyright law. In-game scenes are mostly not protected by these laws, but this may vary by country. Remember: Sharing unreleased material such as screenshots of games not yet on sale will most probably result in the copyright holder pressing charges. Before sharing screenshot consult the current legislation at your place of residence! This article is not intended to replace any legal consultation.