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The Relics in Rise of the Tomb Raider are all hidden in small chests that can be found throughout the whole game. Overall there are 59 of these in the base game.

Relics in the Main Game

The Early Inhabitants

The set The Early Inhabitants consists of six relics.

The Athanatoi

The set The Athanatoi consists of six relics.

Tokens of Faith

The set Tokens of Faith consists of six relics.

Icons of Kitezh

The set Icons of Kitezh consists of six relics.

Mongolian Invasion

The set Mongolian Invasion consists of six relics.

Spoils of War

The set Spoils of War consists of six relics.

Time of Adaptation

The set Time of Adaptation consists of six relics.

Red Army Officer

The set Red Army Officer consists of six relics.

Gulag Possessions

The set Gulag Possessions consists of five relics.

Watcher in the Woods

The set Watcher in the Woods consists of six relics.

Downloadable Content

The following Relics can be found in the DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Blood Ties

There are an additional 54 Relics in Blood Ties.


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Note: The following three items can only be found after the main game has been finished: