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Notable Quotes from the Games, the Comics, the Movies and the Novels can be found on the following pages.


Notable Quotes from the Core Design Games:

Tomb Raider

Main article: Tomb Raider Story

Tomb Raider II

  • Lara: Pardon me if that was just your way of trying the doors for me.
  • Fiamma Nera member: [laughs] With a tommy gun on my keyring.
  • Lara: Though not anymore, so after you.
  • Fiamma Nera member: Somehow, you don't behave like you've got a monk's blood.
  • Lara: I understand that "somehow" is in my favour. So indulge me about the dagger. I'd be indebted with your life.
  • Fiamma Nera member: These doors are waiting for the right one. The right time to arrive. And then the dagger's blade will honour the hearts of those who believe. So, unless you pledge your loyalty as well...
  • Lara: And which one is that?
  • Fiamma Nera member: To the sins and fortunes of Marco Bartoli!

[He drinks some poison and dies]

  • Lara: Perhaps not just yet then.

[looks into the laptop for information]

  • Lara: Aha! Gianni Bartoli. Via Caravelli, Venice.
  • Brother Chan: Oh, you are not one of them.
  • Lara: But you are a monk?
  • Brother Chan: Brother Chan, Barkhang. You have come for me. I saw bright lights around me.
  • Lara: That was gunfire. I think it was them who got taken away by it.
  • Brother Chan: But you are my guide. My path-beater to next incarnation. I have done my time here, haven't I?
  • Lara: What are you doing here...with Marco Bartoli?
  • Brother Chan: Nothing. I... I led righteous life, here for reasons rooted only a necessary evil, as my father was before me when he bombed Gianni's vessel deep into these waters. And now I am here...uh, was here, to prevent his son from salvaging the Seraph.
  • Lara: The Seraph?
  • Brother Chan: You not know my life's work well... You sure you not here for them?
  • Lara: Their Jackanory days are well over.

[Lara begins changing into a wet suit while he speaks]

  • Brother Chan: They want the Seraph to unlock a malignant treasure we contain in our monastery in Tibet. Since being stolen by imbecile vagabonds centuries ago, we been without key to it...relying solely on cleansing of our prayers to keep it subdued. Then the occultist Gianni B. acquired it. Trouble we knew. He breathed life back into ancient belief. One not to be stopped by any amount of head bowing. And now again it is here. Marco, infected with madness. He has violent mind, but not yet the power to satiate it. So, we reach for our weapons once more.
  • Lara: The true Detox of evil.
  • Brother Chan: Where can you be taking me? Thought this was my big break. Guess change is good at rest. [He sighs] I need one.

[From above a balcony Bartoli shoots the monk in the chest. Lara shoots at her enemy, but hears an alarm. She runs in the sub room and jumps into the water]

  • Lara: Don't you think you've seen enough!? [picks up shotgun and fires]

Tomb Raider III

[Lara emerges from the caves to see a boat coming upstream]

  • Willard: Hey!

[Lara grins as the boat pulls up to the bank]

  • Willard: I didn't want to be mispresented by that retarded researcher you've just been with.
  • Lara: Lara.
  • Willard: I'm Dr. Willard, I've come to converse with Tony myself, but I saw that you were doing a more creditable job, I think. Indeed, I'm inspired, I'd like to offer you other work.
  • Lara: What? Shoot the breeze with some of your other boys? No thanks.

  • Lara: So, how did it end up here?
  • Willard: Formed from the planets. Sculpted by Polynesians. Distributed by goons. Our excavations and investigations have led us to this. (hands her a large book) A sailor's diary from his voyage on Charles Darwin's expedition on the HMS Beagle.
  • Lara: Hello?... Hello?

[Tony appears from inside a tent]

  • Tony: What? What do you want from me now?!
  • Lara: Nothing that taxing. Are you alright?
  • Tony: If you'd all stop, I might be just fine. Just one hundred percent...just...
  • Lara: "If you'd all stop?" Who are you talking about?
  • Tony: All of you. Hundreds of you talking and chattering and breaking my brain up...
  • Lara: Hmm. Well, I'm not quite sure where you're coming from, but I just want to know about the Infada artefact.

[Shows the ruins behind]

  • Lara: In the temple up there.
  • Tony: Voodoo magic and all, huh? I don't touch the stuff myself.
  • Lara: It's not voodoo. Look, is there anyone else here with you?
  • Tony: Yeah. Randy and Rory. Pheesh...
  • Lara: Randy and Rory? Where? What are you all doing here?
  • Tony: Well, they're staying put...in that temple. I told them not to. Warned them first. Not doing much now I doubt... under half a ton of mudslide. Me? I'm leaving. Next bus out. This jungle has rooted enough rot into me. I'd offer the same advice to you, but you don't seem like the type to take it...to care if I said you're gonna die in there. [laughs] Yeah...die...

[Tony jumps of a ledge and disappears]

  • Lara: Not interrupting, am I?
  • General: Not bleedin' are ya? Not about to use this place as a dunny?
  • Lara: No and uh...no.
  • General: Good, good.

[He shows Lara his badly wounded leg, missing from the knee down]

  • General: Just don't want any fly-carrying visitors in here.
  • Lara: Right, I understand. What happened?
  • General: Woke up in the jungle with one of those little blokes snacking on my leg, didn't I?
  • Lara: A tribesman? It isn't usual for them to eat right off the bone like that...
  • General: Well, it was dark and I never got the bugger, so I can't be sure. Something spooky is in that jungle. Our air-carrier crashed up in the mountains. Every night, some of my men would vanish without a trace. Others fled in fear. Then this happened. [He points to his leg] So, I brought the men down to shore for safety only for us to be captured by this greedy mob. Some sort of sacrifice to their god who lives up in the hills. Though it seems I've not been invited to the barbie.
  • Lara: Maybe you're the dessert. Ripe flesh can be a bit of a delicacy around here.
  • General: For real?

[Nearby drum sounds are heard]

  • Lara: Listen, we'd better get you out of here. Do you know how the tribes cross the swamp down there? Which stones they tread on?
  • General: Yeah, but I'm stayin' put. With this wound, I'd be like a fill-up station for every diseased bug in the bush. I'd rather be the main course at the real feast. [He gives Lara a map] Hey, if you see any of my men alive in there direct them to the north shore, will ya? Away from here.
  • Lara: Of course.
  • Hired assassin: I mean, I could even be retired from you.
  • Lara: Then you might like to mind...the bell.

[The assassin turns around, but is knocked off the ledge by the tower bell]

  • Lara: [watches him fall down] Happy retirement.
  • Sophia: Ah, Miss Croft. I take it you're ready to sign up.
  • Lara: To what?
  • Sophia: Well, my books. You see, with your lifestyle, you'd be the perfect campaign for my products. Just think, you wouldn't be needing those unsightly weapons anymore...
  • Lara: No, but I'll probably have an unsightly face, judging by your past experiments.
  • Sophia: My what?
  • Lara: Oh, yes. They're all still alive. Very much so, in fact. All I want is the artefact.

[Lara reaches for it, but Sophia takes the artefact first]

  • Sophia: [laughs] Right! In your next life!
  • Lara: We'll see.
  • Tribesman: 'Tis well fa you. Me fasting dis day. You make plenty good flesh-pot.
  • Lara: You forget. I might be quite hungry myself. Famished actually.

Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation

  • Werner: And so, we breach the sanctum of the ancients. The first foot falls in this tomb for centuries.
  • Lara: This place gives me the creeps. After you.

[Lara dives in the water to look for artefacts, but comes back empty handed]

  • Lara: Your average priceless seaweed.
  • Werner: No prizes for you this time, Lara!

[Lara prepares to exit the temple, but hears Von Croy's voice nearby]

  • Von Croy: Miss Croft!
  • Lara: [with a cold tone] Von Croy...
  • Von Croy: You sound concerned, my dear. Have you misplaced something?
  • Lara: Nothing that I can't be retrieving at a later date, lieber.
  • Von Croy: You know how I admire your perseverance, but I fear this time you may be taking it to the...how would you say? Maximum?
  • Lara: Always griping, Werner. If it's the leg that's causing all this resentment, I seem to remember that being down to your affinity with pulling hazardous levers.
  • Von Croy: Enough of this tedious banter, Miss Croft. It is time for you to realize...

[Werner hears Lara taking out her pistols]

  • Von Croy: Miss Croft?

[He looks around the corner; Lara shoots at him, but misses]

  • Von Croy: Now let us review your sprinting skills!

[He takes the Amulet and the temple door closes before Lara can escape]

  • Lara: Your work force is about to be delayed.
  • Werner: Take may hand! I can pull you to safety!
  • Lara: Good to see you again, Werner.
  • Werner: [shouting] I couldn't leave you!

Tomb Raider Chronicles

The following is a list of key lines in Tomb Raider Chronicles. Full dialogues can be found in the Story of the game.

  • "It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings." (Larson in the Operahouse)

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

Tomb Raider Legend

  • What are you doing in Bolivia? - Ascending. (Alister and Lara, when she's climbing up to the Tiwanaku plateau.)
  • With patience and persistence. - (Lara's answer when asked how she's proceeding in Bolivia.)
  • Don't mind my offer to help you get it down in a less... calamitous manner. - I didn't hear you offer at all, and especially not a calamitous one, but thanks all the same. (Alister and Lara in Croft Manor)

  • It's not a party until something gets broken. (Lara in Japan, after causing destruction.)
  • From this moment, your every breath is a gift from me. (Lara to Amanda when she let's her go.)

Tomb Raider Anniversary

  • What's a man got to do to get that sort of attention from you? - If that's the sort of attention you want, Larson, you're well on your way. (Larson and Lara on the attention Lara gave Bigfoot, when bagging him.)
  • I only play for sport. (Lara to Natla when she is offered a lot of money.)
  • You've reached the top, Lara. There's nowhere left to go but down. (Natla when Lara has reached the top of the Atlantean pyramid.)

Tomb Raider Underworld

  • And I am Thor no longer, it seems. (Lara when the first gauntlet loses its power.)
  • I need Thor's belt to get his hammer, and I need the hammer to kill a god. (Lara when she's decided that she wants to kill Natla for sending the doppelgänger that killed Alister.)

Movies, Comics and Novels