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Language Proficiency is a feature in Rise of the Tomb Raider ans Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

There are three foreign languages that Lara can learn on her journey: Greek, Mongolian, and Russian. By doing so she is able to translate Monoliths that in turn point to certain Secrets.

Lara's Language Proficiency can be increased by by studying Murals, reading Documents, or examining certain Relics. Usually murals will award her 25 XP in a certain language, documents 15 XP, and the last document of a set 30 XP.


Please note that the amount of language XP needed for the different levels is only an estimation.


Main article: Greek

Greek is the only language that can be learned from murals, documents, and some relics in Siberia as well as Syria - all other languages are only present in Siberia. The first time Lara can learn Greek is in The Lost Tomb near the Northwest Border of Syria.

Greek is the language that can be studied most thoroughly by far: there are 7 levels of Greek. Since the Remnant are descendants from the Byzantine Empire, their documents and murals are mostly in Greek.


Main article: Mongolian

Lara can learn Mongolian by studying the documents and relics left by the Mongol army that tried to invade the lost city of Kitezh. The first time she can learn Mongolian is in Echoes of the Past in the Siberian Wilderness

Mongolian is the language with the least levels - two - to learn. It can be learned almost exclusively from documents, which are widely spread throughout Siberia: The first documents are located in the Siberian Wilderness, followed by a long gap up until The Lost City, where a lone survivor of the attack left some more documents.


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Russian can be learned from documents and Soviet Crests that were left behind by the Soviets when they were driven out by the Remnant. The first time Lara can learn Russian is in the level Echoes of the Past.

There are four levels or Russian Lara can learn.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider there are again three different languages Lara can learn. They are called Ancient Dialects, though. The three dialects are Mam, Quetchua, and Yucatec. Learning these dialects again enables her to decipher the Monoliths that can be found in Paititi and the surrounding locations.

Lara can increase her understanding of the three Ancient Dialects by finding and studying Artifacts. These Artifacts include Documents and Murals.

Collect and study DOCUMENTS, MURALS and RELICS to increase Lara's understanding of indigenous cultures and their specific Dialects. Increased ANCIENT DIALECTS allows translation of more advanced MONOLITHS.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Survival Guide


The three dialects Lara learns on her journey are in some form or another actually spoken around Mexico and Guatemala to this day. As they are called Ancient in the game one must assume that these are somewhat different from the ones spoken in Paititi and that they were separated from their relatives a long time ago when the different Maya people decided emigrate to Peru. Furthermore it implies that the languages of Paititi stayed more archaic than those in present day Yucatan.


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