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Occupation Gulag Guard, Remnant
Spouse Serafima
Children Unknown daughter
Game(s) Rise of the Tomb Raider

Ivan is a character from the Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch DLC of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Together with Serafima he had a daughter, who in turn had a daughter called Nadia.

Ivan is an old man with grey-white hair and a long beard with two braids. As many other Remnant he has some Greek letters tattooed on his forehead. He wears a brown woollen jacket with golden embroidery and a lacing on the front and leather pants.


Ivan was a guard in the old Soviet Gulag where he was appalled by the treatment of the inmates. He sabotaged the Gulag whenever he dared. He met Serafima, a prisoner and botanist, with whom he had a child. But the were separated when Serafima was taken to the vale on an expedition and never saw each other again, each believing the other was dead.

After the Remnant rebellion he joined the Remnant and worked hard to care for his daughter. When she had Nadia she fell ill and soon died of a fever[1]. After that he cared for Nadia until Trinity invaded the Geothermal Valley. He saw this as his last chance to take revenge on Baba Yaga, who he believed had killed Serafima.

He set out to her vale but was followed by Nadia and Team Bravo, a group of Trinity mercenaries. He, too, gets driven mad by the hallucinogenic pollen from the flowers that grow here, but in the end he recognizes Baba Yaga as his beloved Serafima and together they leave the vale.



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