Among the Remnant

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Grandfather's Journal Document Folder

Among the Remnant is one of the Documents in Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch (additional content for Rise of the Tomb Raider). It belongs to the Grandfather's Journal set, with written notes from Ivan to Nadia. These tell of Ivan's stay in the gulag, the birth of his and Serafima's child, and the will to do something more in favor of the innocent prisoners.

Ivan lived among the Remnant, all the while dreaming of revenge...

The officer wandered out of the Vale, just as our rescue party prepared to enter. His body bore the marks of torture, a sight we knew well.

The Witch descended on them during the revolt, killing Serafima along with her captors. He told us of the house that walks, of her fearsome voice, a child's story made flesh. He died the next day. Baba Yaga leaves no survivors. I wanted to go on, to bury your Grandmother, but no one would enter the Vale after that.

In the village, I learned to be a good man. I lived, to honor her. I worked hard, but I dreamt of killing the Witch, every night. I might have gone, years ago, had the fever not taken your mother. I stayed for you, Nadia.

I am a lucky man. I lived a good life I did not deserve. A new fight is coming, but it is not mine. If I am to find revenge for Serafima, it must be now. I go to kill the Witch. To lay your Grandmother to rest. I will not be coming back.

Forgive me.