Hall of Ascension

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Remark: This article describes the Secret Tomb Hall of Ascension in Tomb Raider (2013). For information about the Day Camp, see Hall of Ascension (Day Camp).

Hall of Ascension

Hall of Ascension is one of the Secret Tombs in Tomb Raider (2013). It is located at Mountain Village and its coordinates are 53N 712478 UTM 3416187.

The goal in the tomb is to reach the higher parts of the tomb. This is done by completing a carefully timed sequence with two switches that can be turned with the Climbing Axe. The switch on the left wall of the chamber closes three hatches, stopping the strong wind from blowing. The switch on the center raises a platform.

First, run to the left wall and close the hatches. Then run to the other switch and wait for the lowest hatch to open before raising the platform. Once the platform is up there should still be two hatches closed. Climb onto the big structure next to the raised platform and then jump to the hanging platform, which should now fly against the wall on the other side by the power of the strong wind. Quickly jump and Wall Scramble to reach the ledge above and traverse along it to the higher parts of the chamber.

Day Camps

Inside the Hall of Ascension there's one Day Camp:

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