Generator Access Card

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Generator Access Card
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Game(s) Tomb Raider III

The Generator Access Card is a key card in the Nevada Desert level in Tomb Raider III.

This card can be found on the roof of one of the buildings in an area fenced off by an Electric Fence. In order to get there Lara needs to take the Quad Bike up to it, or - upon failing the attempt - use a raised grate to reach the roof on foot.

The card is needed in an office to open a grate granting access to the generator room. Inside is a switch that needs to be flipped to shut off the power to the electrical fence.

In Tomb Raider III Remastered

In the Remastered Version the card is much more readable. It belongs to a certain Sgt. John S. Hicks, a member of the US Air Force stationed at Groom Lake, Nevada. How it got on top of the roof is not explained in the game.

The card is labelled Multipass, probably a reference to the 1997 movie The Fifth Element - the ultimate goal of the game is to obtain the Hand of Rathmore, aka. the Fifth Artifact or The Fifth Element. In the movie, there are several mentions of multipasses which enable the bearer to cross the customs barriers at spaceports. Leeloo, one the protagonists of the movie, prominently shows her multipass at such a barrier.

On the front of the card two serial numbers are given: MO-12-0420-23-134367 at the top - probably the card number - and 3714-1154830 below the name - possibly identifying the owner of the card. It further identifies itself as a Card issued by Area 51 Security Service (A51SECSERV), 3rd Division.