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Ganesha Key

The Key Of Ganesha is a key found in the level Temple Ruins in Tomb Raider III.

It is found a total of five times in the level Temple Ruins where it is used to unlock gates.

Locations of the Keys

The Keys Of Ganesha are scattered around the level, and the first two of them are used to open a gate leading further into the level. The last three are used to open the level exit.

1st Key

The first Key of Ganesha is found in a room with a spike wall. The room is entered after a timed run in the room with a pool of water and invisible platforms.

To get the Key Of Ganesha Lara must survive the trap by sprinting both ways: first when running to the key, then when running back to where she entered the room.

2nd Key

The second Key Of Ganesha is obtained after completing a puzzle involving several movable blocks. This floods one pool with water, and then Lara is able to pull an underwater lever, opening a gate to where the key is.

3rd Key

The third Key Of Ganesha is located in the room with the bodies of Randy and Rory. After killing the Shiva Statue, Lara can pick up the key in the center of a platform.

4th Key

The fourth Key Of Ganesha is located in a dark room with a spike ceiling. To get it, Lara must pull two wall levers and sprint to an alcove that is opened.

5th Key

The fifth and the last Key Of Ganesha is located in a pool of water, accompanied with a deadly current that will pull Lara to the spikes. The goal is to set off the current by pulling two levers, which will enable picking up the key.


Ganesha or Ganesh is one of the best known Hindu deities, easily identified by his elephant head. [1]


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