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Expedition Card Back

Expedition Cards represent a new in-game feature introduced in Rise of the Tomb Raider. These cards play an important role in all extra gameplay modes.

Types of Expedition Cards

There are several types of Expedition Cards, each applying unique changes to the experience. While some cards have mere cosmetic effects, most of them offer score multipliers to help improve your performance in Score Attack.

Cards also have different levels of rarity, ranging from one to five stars. Generally speaking, five star cards are foil and as such can be used infinite times, but it's worth noting that outfit and weapon cards also are permanent, regardless of their individual rarity. Foil cards are easily distinguished by their gold borders and distinct shine in the card selection screen.

Remnant Resistance Expedition Cards

The Remnant Resistance Expedition Cards are cards that can only be collected by completing Remnant Resistance missions.

Cards List


Player Weakening

Player Strengthening

Enemy Weakening

Enemy Strengthening


These cards give Lara a different appearance.

Explorer Outfits

Hunter Outfits

Tactical Outfits

Armor Outfits

Classic Outfits


These cards will modify Lara's arsenal.





Climbing Axe


Cold Darkness

Related Achievements

"Collect 150 cards"
Quite the Collector is one of the Achievements in the PC and Xbox One versions of Rise of the Tomb Raider. It asks you to collect 150 cards.
"Collect 300 Cards"
These Belong in A Museum is one of the Achievements in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It asks you to collect 300 cards.

Collecting Expedition Cards

Other cards can be added by either receiving them as Gifts (e.g. when they are part of an add-on or as an in-game reward) or by purchasing a pack in exchange for credits in-game or by buying them for real money in the Xbox store.


Campaign Awards

Awarded for killing the bear in the Siberian Wilderness.
Awarded for escaping the gulag.
Awarded for finding the Atlas.
Awarded for fiding the path to Kitezh.
Awarded for finding the lost city of Kitezh.
Awarded for completing Rise of the Tomb Raider.
Awarded for 100% completion.

Expedition Rewards

rewarded at intervals for earning medals in Score Attack; last unlock at 80 medals
rewarded at intervals for completing challenges in Expeditions; last unlock at 500 challenges
rewarded at intervals for completing missions in Remnant Resistance; last unlock at 30 missions
rewarded at intervals for extracting artifacts in Endurance Mode; last unlock at 100 artifacts
rewarded at intervals for destroying bases in Cold Darkness Awakened; last unlock at 30 bases
rewarded for rescuing 8 prisoners in Cold Darkness Awakened
rewarded for rescuing 15 prisoners in Cold Darkness Awakened


The following card packs are gifted to the player upon installation of their respective downloadable content.

Card Pack DLC
20 Year Celebration Pack Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
Ancient Vanguard Pack Ancient Vanguard
Baba Yaga Card Pack Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch
Bow Master Pack Tactical Survivor
Bullet Resistance Pack Remnant Resistance
Cold Darkness Pack Cold Darkness Awakened
Endurance Mode Pack Endurance
Holy Fire Pack Apex Predator
Juggernaut Pack Hope's Bastion
Master Hunter Pack Sparrowhawk
Prophet's Legacy Pack Prophet's Legacy
Siberian Ranger Pack Siberian Ranger
Valiant Explorer Pack Valiant Explorer
Wilderness Survivor Pack Wilderness Survivor

Packs available in the marketplace

All of these card packs can be acquired with in-game Credits, however, you also have the option of purchasing packs using real money through the virtual store of your platform. Diamond and Platinum packs have been introduced to the game with the launch of the 20 Year Celebration edition.

  • Diamond Pack
The Diamond Pack contains 30 expedition cards, of which at least seven are guaranteed rare cards.
  • Platinum Pack
The Platinum Pack contains 15 expedition cards, of which at least four are guaranteed rare cards.
  • Gold Pack
The Gold Pack contains 5 Expedition Cards, of which at least one is a guaranteed rare card.
  • Silver Pack
The Silver Pack contains 5 Expedition Cards, of which at least one is a guaranteed uncommon card.
  • Advantage Pack
The Advantage Pack contains 5 Expedition Cards which will give Lara an advantage.
  • Challenge Pack
The Challenge Pack contains 5 Expedition Cards which will inflict a restriction on Lara or make gameplay more difficult.
  • Wild Pack
The Wild Pack contains 5 Expedition Cards which will have, as the description says, a highly unique impact on gameplay.