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The Valiant Explorer Pack is one of the DLC outfit packs for Rise of the Tomb Raider. It is part of the Season Pass as well as the Deluxe Edition and is individually sold for $0.99 The size of this downloadable content is 10.09 MB.

On the Xbox store its official release date is 22 December 2015 although it did not appear in the store until much later. Originally this content was part of a promotion for Pringles in February of 2016. It was available in Germany and other European countries. Later the content went online for Season Pass holders.

The Valiant Explorer outfit gives Lara a nostalgic leather jacket, high-laced boots, aviator goggles and a bright red scarf, in the tradition of adventurers from years gone by. In addition, while wearing the outfit all of Lara’s explosive arrows will have a bigger blast radius.