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Correspondence is one of the Documents in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It is part of the set Ancient Cistern.

This document is a little older as can be inferred from the fact that it is a scroll. It dates back to the time when the forefathers of the Remnant came to Siberia. It is found within the region Soviet Installation, within the Challenge Tomb "Ancient Cistern". It was written by the foreman overseeing the construction of the cistern and is addressed to his family, who has - from what can be gathered from the document A Warning - perished during the exodus, a fact that his workers keep from him till the work on the cistern is finished.

My Love,

This letter is long overdue, but I have been hard at work. When you arrive, there will be a home for you here, with all the comforts we have left behind. It is a huge task ahead of us, to design and supervise the construction necessary to provide fresh water to our people, but all my labor will be paid in full when I see you and our children's face again.

We will create a new world here, the equal of everything you left behind to follow me. It will not have been in vain, as long as you and I are together.
text of the document

Like all documents it will raise Lara's general experience (XP) by 15 and since it has been written by one of the forefathers of the Remnant originating from the Byzantine empire, it also improves her Greek by 15 XP points.

The first opportunity to find this document is during the story level Unexpected Discovery, where Lara arrives in the core area of the Soviet Installation for the first time.