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There are 16 Challenges in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. These can be found in different parts of Mexico, Peru, and the Croft Manor.

List of Challenges

The Hidden City

There are six Challenges located in The Hidden City of Paititi.

Swan Dive off four different High Dive platforms in Paititi
Knock 2 skeletons off their poles into the river
Grapple attach to 3 hanging quipus
Rope-pull 5 frog totems
Gather 3 Condor feathers from bird's nests
Find and shoot five Death Whistle Carvings

Kuwak Yaku

There are three Challenges to be found in the jungle village of Kuwak Yaku.

Destroy 5 sacrilegious jungle totems
Detonate 5 [[Oil Barrels|oil barrels]
Harvest 5 Aquatic Plants


In Cozumel, Mexico, one Challenge can be found.

knock down 5 death whistle carvings


There are two Challenges in the Cenote near Paititi.

Pry open 5 underwater treasure chests
Rope-pull 5 effigies down

Mission of San Juan

One Challenge is located in the Mission of San Juan.

Cut and release pulley to raise 5 flags around the mission

Peruvian Jungle

After the Plane Crash in the Peruvian Jungle Lara Croft can find two Challenges.

Hit 4 oropendola nests
Collect 5 plants from the canopy

Croft Manor

One Challenge can be found in the Croft Manor in a flashback scene.

Hit every target with a ball