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This year's GamesCom - the 10th GamesCom that was held in Cologne, Germany - had a lot to offer for Tomb Raider Fans of all persuasions: At the Square Enix booth in Hall 9 the (slightly shortened) Reveal Demo could be played, while at the booth of Square Enix Products in Hall 5 the newly announced Board Game Tomb Raider Legends was on display. But the week kicked off with the revelation that Shadow of the Tomb Raider will support Nividia's new Turing-based graphics cards.

Crystal Dynamics send over Community Manager Morrigan Johnen to greet Ambassadors of the Official Fansite Program from around the world - as far away as China - who had been invited by Square Enix.

Nvidia RTX

On Monday, 20 Aug, Nvidia unveiled their new line of Graphics Cards, the RTX 2080 Ti, 2080, and 2070 at the Palladium in Cologne Mülheim. These cards use the new generation of chips codenamed Turing and offer a combination of artificial intelligence and ray tracing technologies to enhance image quality. But what is the most interesting aspect of it all: Shadow of the Tomb Raider will support all of this in an upcoming update. In a short demo we could all marvel at the differences, especially in lighting, between the the version with and without ray tracing. The evening ended with a burgers, wraps, and drinks outside where we could discuss our impressions of the demo.

Square Enix Booth

Starting on Tuesday, 21 Aug. the E3 demo - a shorter version of the Reveal Demo that could be played at the Reveal Events in April - was available at the Square Enix booth.

This demo starts after leaving Cozumel and takes Lara underground in search of the Key of Chak Chel. Some slight improvements have been made to this demo during the last weeks and it looks even more fantastic than before.

Tomb Raider Legends Board Game

During GamesCom the upcoming Tomb Raider Legends Board Game could be admired, too. As a part of the OFP we were even able to play one round of the prototype with Fabian Weber of Square Enix Products and we had a lot of fun playing it. Definitely worth a look when it comes out in early 2019.

Community Dinner

On Wednesday, 22 Aug. Morrigan, the OFP Ambassadors, some of the Square Enix Friends representing other franchises, as well as some of the developers met for this years Square Enix's community dinner at an Peruvian restaurant in Cologne where we were able to sample the tastes of Peru just like Lara will be able to in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Jill Murray, head writer of Shadow of the Tomb Raider was there, as well as Game Director Daniel Bisson.