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There are numerous Bugs in The Angel of Darkness, most of them annoying, some helpful.

General Bugs

Crashing Game

If your game keeps crashing, there are a few things you can do to solve the problem.

  • Make sure you have installed everything that came with the game (including DirectX 9 and EAX)
  • Update your graphic card and sound card drivers.
  • Download the latest patch (Patch 42, Patch 52) from Eidos
  • Deactivate all programs that might interfere. (Anti Virus, Firewall, ICQ...)
  • AMD Users, deactivate the following options if you have any trouble.


  • Check your monitor and Game Settings. If you are using 16-bit color (High Color) on your System, set the game to 16-bit. If you are using 32-bit (True Color) set the game to True Color as well.

Falling through Gaps (e.g. walls/floor)

This is a bug so far only encountered on AMD Systems (e.g. Athlon XP, Duron).

Position Lara in front of a slope. Press roll, then press roll again and Lara will fall through the wall into the next level.

This can also happen when jumping around near the pile of rubble at Bouchard's Hideout, under the car in Le Serpent Rouge and on the bridge at the Archaeological Dig.

Weapon in Hand while Climbing

Weapons Bug

Due to a bug Lara can keep the gun in hand, even while climbing, but alas it can not be fired while climbing.

To get this bug, do the following:

  • draw weapon
  • jump up
  • while in the air go to the inventory
  • pick another weapon

When you now return to the game, Lara is holding the gun even when you put it back in the holster or climb a ladder.

Sound Bugs

Bugs by Level

Parisian Back Streets: Ladder Problem

In the first level Parisian Back Streets there might be a problem with the last ladder, leading down to the finish trigger of the level. Sometimes Lara gets stuck and can't climb further down. She might die when you simply let go to get down.

Derelict Apartment Block: Lift Doors

When taking the lift down to the ground floor in the Derelict Apartment Block, getting out carefully, pressing the button outside and getting back in to take the lift up, it might happen that the lift doors close, but nothing else happens. Lara is then trapped and will suffocate inside, due to the gas.

Industrial Roof Tops: Dropping Dead

In Industrial Roof Tops there is a hidden area with a dumpster guarded by a dog. When you return there after you've already been to the roof at the end of the level it might happen that you simply die when stepping onto the dumpster.

Parisian Ghetto: Gas Mask

When loading a Parisian Ghetto Savegame, Lara may be suddenly running around with a gas mask, she's not supposed to have until the Louvre Level Galleries Under Siege. This is a bug reported on a Centrino with Radeon 9200. It might also have something to do with loading an unpatched Savegame into a patched game.

St. Aicard's Graveyard: Shimmying in thin air

St. Aicard

When you enter St. Aicard's Graveyard from Francine's (Cafe Metro route) you can climb up the drainpipe in the corner facing towards the park. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Turn around and jump onto the opposite roof. Lara will slide. Grab hold. Shimmy to the left, around the corner, till you cannot shimmy any more. Shimmy back and suddenly Lara will be in the air. At the end of the trip she mysteriously jumps back to the drainpipe.

Bouchard's Hideout: Falling Though Gaps

The Bouchard's Hideout is well known for errors in the wall and floor connections. It is not uncommon to fall through a gap and end up back in the Parisian Ghetto. One likely spot is the area with the movable block by the rubble, when trying to jump through. - Use the door as intended.

Louvre Galleries: Grabbing the Respirators early

In the Louvre Galleries is a case with Respirators that should not be opened until the Galleries Under Siege level, however there is a trick that enables you to get them earlier. Walk up to the case and crouch down. While Lara is about to crouch the hand symbol appears, press crouch and action and Lara will grab one of the masks. You can repeat this.

The Archaeological Dig: Falling Though Gaps

Another common level where falling through gaps might occur is The Archaeological Dig. Sometimes you end up in Tomb Of Ancients. This might happen when doing something as unspectacular as pulling up onto the bridge-like walkway.

The Strahov Fortress: Stuck in Pipe

When the saw breaks the pipes/walkways leading to the pipe you shimmy on, if you drop off the front by the saw, then drop and quickly hit the ACTION button and pull up, Lara wil be stuck and unable to get out.

The Sanitarium: Game Crashes

In the Kurtis Level The Sanitarium the game often crashes when stepping trough the door at the cafeteria. In most cases continuing with the same savegame on a completely different computer system helps. Otherwise a savegame after this part has to be used.