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Patch 42 is patch for the PC version of The Angel of Darkness. This patch should be installed before installing Patch 52 for full effect.

As the AoD pages on the Square Enix web page are defunct, the patch must now be obtained from other sources on the internet, e.g. Stella's web page[1].

Fixes non-playing FMV problem + misc other things.

**Please install this patch before the v.52 patch**

Fix List:

  • Stopped crashes when keyboard is remapped to selected keys.
  • System deadlock if the correct key is not pressed when playing an FMV
  • Systems deadlock or crashes just after loading a level
  • Missing shotgun
  • EAX logos are now corrected
  • FMV player now supports machines with the VMR9 interface.
    Square Enix Support Page[2]

See Also


  1. Stella's Archive of Patches
  2. (broken: AoD pages are empty nowadays)