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Totem from Ghost Hunter challenge

Totems can be found in Tomb Raider (2013).

They are a part of two challenges, Ghost Hunter and Sun Killer, where the player must find a certain amount of Totems and shoot them in order to complete the challenges and gain XP.

The appearance of the Totems is different in the two challenges. In Coastal Forest, where the Ghost Hunter takes place, the ten Totems are apparently made of bones and there are some parts hanging down. They're slightly more eerie-looking than the Totems on the Sun Killer challenge. In Research Base, the Totems in Sun Killer challenge are in the shape of a decorative sun, apparently made of gold.

The Totems are often easy to miss as they hang down from e.g. high branches of trees. The player must look carefully around and perhaps use the Survival Instinct, which highlights the Totems.


See Also

Challenge that takes place in the Coastal Forest, a total of ten Totems must be found and shot
Challenge that takes place in the Research Base, a total of five Totems must be found and shot


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