Shogo Takamoto

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Shogo Takamoto
Died In 2003
Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Yakuza Boss
Game(s) Tomb Raider Legend
Voice Michael Hagiwara

Shogo Takamoto is a character in Tomb Raider Legend.

He is a Japanese mobster and black market antiquities dealer, who has stolen a rare artefact Lara has been looking for for quite some time.

The last time Lara met him, he was trying to pass off forged relics from the Asuka period, and only just survived Lara. Takamoto is similar in characterisation to Chen Lo from the Cradle of Life film.


Shogo Takamoto was a rising star in the Japanese mob for years and now is a Yakuza Kumicho (boss). He has a love of ancient weapons, and he became a fixture in the upscale black market, frustrating collectors and adventurers alike with his mixing of forgeries with authentic rare items, using the strenght of the Yakuza to protect himself from cheated buyers. A confrontation with Lara Croft over some forged items, however, led to a loss of face so extreme that he was forced to withdraw from the antiquities underground. Why he did not kill her remains a mystery within the Yakuza, because the idea of him being unable to kill her is beyond belief.
Unlockable biography[1]

From the official site

Shogo Takamoto is a Yakuza Kumicho (boss) who loves ancient weapons. In addition to being a powerful figure in the Japanese mob, he also became a fixture in the antiquities underground, frustrating collectors and adventurers alike by mixing forgeries with authentic items. Despite his untrustworthy reputation, he continues to be a player due to his ability to ferret out what people really want and dangle it before them, such that their desires overpower their better judgement. His most recent encounter with Lara left a very bad taste in his mouth, but he has been unwilling to risk seeking revenge, because the likely failure of the attempt would mean an enormous loss of face.


His upper body is completely covered by a tattoo, as is the tradition among high-ranking Yakuza members.

As Opponent

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Unwilling to give Lara the piece of the Excalibur, Takamoto attacks and uses its powers to create harmful energy bolts.

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