Toru Nishimura

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Toru Nishimura
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Media mogul, former investigative journalist
Game(s) Tomb Raider Legend
Voice Paul Nakauchi

Toru Nishimura is a character from Tomb Raider Legend. He is a media mogul and ex-investigative reporter whom Lara rescued when he uncovered a plot involving a corrupt cabinet minister and an ancient artifact.

After Shogo Takamoto flees the party, Nishimura gives Lara the pass to a lift in order to go after Takamoto. He also helps her after Lara defeats Takamoto. Nishimura brings a helicopter and picks her up from the battle area. In the last cutscene of Japan, Lara calls Nishimura her "new favourite person."


Toru Nishimura is a wealthy media magnate who owns a half-dozen television stations and newspapers throughout Southern Japan. His rise to this position was rapid, and he still enjoys acting like the journalist he once was, so his days aren't completely flled with corporate concerns. One investigation led to a corrupt cabinet minister, a priceless silver statuette and a young achaeologist who saved his life when the artifact turned out to be much more than it appeared. Lara Croft and he became fiends after the incident, and they help each other whenever needed.
Unlockable biography [1]

From the official site

Toru Nishimura was once a daring investigative reporter who has crossed paths with Lara more than once on dangerous investigations. He's now a wealthy media mogul, good-humored and comfortable, but he still has a taste for adventure and risk, and he is always glad to see Lara whenever her latest adventure brings her to town. He's a little more cautious now, though - he's got responsibilities and obligations, some of them a bit unsavory - and as such, he needs to have good relations with the Japanese mafia.


Japanese man whose wealthiness shows to the outside.

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