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Café Metro
The Angel of Darkness
Section Parisian Ghetto Section
Level No 2.2
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 2 minutes

Special This is a sub-level of the Ghetto, where Lara can strike a deal with Pierre. Alternatively she has to visit the Park.
Location Europe, France, Paris
Level Chronology:
Parisian Ghetto Café Metro The Serpent Rouge

The Café Metro is a sub-level for the Parisian Ghetto and also a level in the Parisian Ghetto Section.

As the name indicates, it takes place a café, located in the Parisian Ghetto in Place d'Arcade. It is owned by Pierre, who worked at Le Serpent Rouge before the killings there started. With his help, Lara can gain access to his ex-girlfriend's apartment and then to St. Aicard's Graveyard.

In the Café Metro you will meet Kurtis for the first time. He won't speak to you however. He is reading the newspaper and drinking his coffee.

If you are running the unpatched PC version there is a bug which effects Pierre's face, which makes him to appear to have a dark cross on his face. To fix this, you have to install patch 52.


Lara hears from Janice about a former bartender of the nightclub Le Serpent Rouge. Talking to him, the man named Pierre, might help Lara to gain access to the nightclub, owned by Bouchard.



Artefacts & Keys

Typical Scenery of the Level


As there's nothing much to do in the café, walk to Pierre and talk to him, if you want to make the deal about the Trinket Box with him.



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