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Died In the year 1999 [1]
Cairo, Egypt
Nationality Egyptian
Occupation Soldier
Game(s) The Last Revelation

Asisah is a character from The Last Revelation. He is an egyptian Soldier who was wounded in a fight with a strange creature.

Lara meets him first in the level Citadel Gate, where he tells her his story. He and his men were attacked by an, as he calls it, Creature from the Past, a dragon-like monster now guarding the entrance to the Citadel. He asks Lara to get the frequency for the mine detector from two of his men she can find by the northern cemetery.

Lara will return to Asisah with the Motorbike and bring him to the Ammunition Truck where he will sacrifice his own life to destroy the creature.


  1. As Lara found the Armour of Horus and the Amulet of Horus in the year 1999, see Lara Croft