Wrath Of The Beast

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Wrath Of The Beast
The Angel of Darkness
Section Louvre Section
Level No 5.3.1
Location France, Paris
Level Chronology:
The Hall Of Seasons Wrath Of The Beast The Hall Of Seasons

Wrath of the Beast is a level in the Louvre Section of The Angel of Darkness. It is connected to the Hall of Seasons level.

As Lara enters the room, a huge statue falls. This causes the majority of the floor to break away - leaving only ledges that sink and collapse.


On her quest to find the First Obscura Painting, Lara has to complete four sub levels of the Hall of Seasons.



Artefacts & Keys





Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


The goal is to reach the Earth Crystal at the back of the room. The are a couple of ways to cross the room, but the key is to be fast and quickly decide where to go before the ledges crumble.

As Lara gets the Earth Crystal, the floor of the room is re-built, and two undead knights appear. They're armed with fire swords, and there are water showers in case Lara catches fire. Trying to fight them is most likely just waste of bullets. Instead, locate the two levers on the walls and pull them to open the exit and leave the room.