Earth Crystal

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Earth Crystal
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Found 2003
Paris, France
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness
Level Found Wrath Of The Beast
Level Used The Hall of Seasons

The Earth Crystal is an artefact found in the level Wrath Of The Beast in The Angel of Darkness. In order to get it, Lara must across the set of collapsing legdes and platforms, since the room's floor collapses almost entirely after a huge statue falls.

The Earth Crystal is placed on its receptacle at The Hall of Seasons, alongside of three other crystals: the Fire Crystal, the Air Crystal and the Water Crystal.

Resonates to the element Earth.
In-game information[1]


The Earth Crystal is an orange gemstone of octagon form.


The artefact is not known to hold any powers, besides the ability to open a gate if used with its three counterparts.

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