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Welcome to Wiki Raider, a Tomb Raider Encyclopaedia (A to Z) originally brought to life by on October 4th 2004. This project features two language versions, this one here - the English version and a German Version which can be found at

What are our targets?
Our goal is to collect every information about Tomb Raider we can find - whether it is about the games, the movies, the comics or any other type of media - so that every question one might have about Tomb Raider is answered here. Currently we have 4,649 articles, while our German version has over 2,000.

How can you help?
If you have a good knowledge of the Tomb Raider Universe or are willing to research the original sources (games, comics, movies, novels, official website) you are invited to help us. Before you get started you should familiarize yourself with the WikiRaider policies by studying the help file carefully to avoid common mistakes. (For a quick look into it, check out our Dos and Don'ts.)

Please note that WikiRaider is run in British English.

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