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Here you will find a list of Common Mistakes.

1st Mistake (Article Names)

The first mistake is often made when creating a new article. Commonly one of the following applies

  • an inappropriate or wrong name is picked (Please check the Naming conventions before starting a new article.)
  • an article about this "item" already exists at another spot (It is suggested to use the search option for the keyword you want to add to look for it in any article already in the wiki, chances are you will find the other article. In this case, set a redirect. - If you think that your name is more appropriate than the one currently used, bring it to the Admin's Attention under Articles for relocation.)

2nd Mistake (Sources)

Information is copied from other websites (e.g. Wikipedia). This is not the way to research anything. If you are the author who has written the Wikipedia article you may of course post it here as well, but do not copy other peoples work. If you are unable to help all by yourself, then don't. Research should be done using original sources like the games, the Top Cow comics, the original motion pictures or the novels.

3rd Mistake (Article Keyword)

When creating an article most of the time the basic style elements are forgotten. The keyword of the article should be in bold ('''Keyword'''), should appear within the first sentence of the text and it should also retain the way it is written (e.g. capital letters) if possible.


The article Paris starts:
the source looks like this:
  • '''Paris''', the capital of [[France]] is one of the locations in [[The Angel of Darkness]].

Also ok:

The article The Great Pyramid (TR4) starts:
  • The Great Pyramid (TR4) is the 32nd level in TR4 and the 6th in Giza.
the source looks like this:
  • '''The Great Pyramid''' (TR4) is the 32nd level in TR4 and the 6th in [[Giza]].
As the correct title of the level is only "The Great Pyramid" and it is only placed at "The Great Pyramid (TR4)" because there is another article occupying the original spot, it suffices to set the title in bold and leave out "(TR4)".

The first line should NOT look like this:

  • The great Pyramid (TR4) is the 32nd level in TR4 and the 6th in Giza.
  • The great pyramid (TR4) is the 32nd level in TR4 and the 6th in Giza.

4th Mistake (other keywords)

Another mistake is that other keywords within an article are not set as internal links or not marked properly. In general it suffices when you mark the first occurrence of a keyword in the same article.

Here is an example excerpt the way it should be (both of the following are correct):

The way it should NOT be:

If you are uncertain is anything is a keyword, please perform a search of WikiRaider.

In some cases it is necessary to modify the keyword link as otherwise it would send you to a redirect page:


the source looks like this:
  • '''Lady Amelia Croft''', the Countess of Abbingdon, was the wife of [[Lord Henshingly Croft]], and [[Lara Croft|Lara's]] mother.

As neither Lara's nor Lara is the name of the article you need to give the exact name in the link.

5th Mistake (Category)

Most articles belong in a certain Category and you should add the category link to the article, at the very end. (Only an interwiki-language link may come afterwards!)

e.g. The article Park has no category. Park describes a level in The Angel of Darkness, both of which are categories.

Add the following to the end of the article:
[[Category:The Angel of Darkness]]

You can find a list of all categories here: Special:Categories.

6th Mistake (Listings)

Sometimes lists are given in html or otherwise "incorrect". Please use the wiki format for lists. Put * at the start of a line for an unordered list (a list without numbers) or # for an ordered (numbered) list.

unordered list

  • first item
  • second item

the source looks like this:
* first item
* second item

ordered list

  1. first item
  2. second item

the source looks like this:
# first item
# second item

7th Mistake (Links in Headlines)

Links should not be placed in headlines.

e.g. do not use:

  • ==[[Tomb Raider]]==

instead use:

  • ==Tomb Raider==

8th Mistake (Common TR-specific Typos)

Correct SpellingCommon Mistake
  • Angel of Darkness
  • Last Revelation
  • The Last Revolution
  • Last Revolution
  • ...
  • Lost Artefact
  • Lost Artifact
  • Jaqueline Natla
  • TB
  • lara

Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

  • Punctuation

Please note that there are some rules you should follow. You should always end sentences with a punctuation.

  • no space before a punctuation
  • one space after a punctuation