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The 3d-Acceleration-Add-On-Card Voodoo (and its follow-ups Voodoo 2 to Voodoo 5) were built by 3dfx from 1996 up until the bankruptcy of 3dfx.

The first and second Voodoo cards were plugged into the computer in addition to the normal VGA-Adaptor. Tomb Raider I and Unfinished Business support the Glide API used by the Voodoo 1 card, and some of the Voodoo 2 cards like the Diamond Monster are also supported, when the correct patch is installed. (Additional information can be found at eidosinteractive.co.uk)

The Glide-Api can also be used by the Glidos program to run Tomb Raider 1 under Windows with higher resolutions.

I don't know if the following Voodoo cards were compatible to the original Glide API and therefore the same patch can be used. These cards were "real" graphic adaptors, which replaced a VGA card and implemented 2d as well as 3d acceleration.

The Voodoo cards were one of the first 3d-accelleration cards that were available to the public. Even today, these cards are still rather fast if you want to play 3d games on older computers.

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