Tomb Raider Volume 2: Secrets and Lies

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Tomb Raider Volume 2: Secrets and Lies is the title of the second Graphic Novel of the Tomb Raider Series by Dark Horse. It comprises of the issues 7 to 12 of the series.

The storyline of this graphic novel was written by Gail Simone and Rhianna Pratchett. Issues 7 to 9 were pencilled by Derlis Santacruz, Issues 10 to 12 by Nicolás Daniel Selma. The front cover art was done by Andy Park while the covers of the individual issues which have been reprinted inside Secrets and Lies are by various artists.

After the return to Yamatai Island, Lara and her friends try to put the horror of what happened there behind them and return to “normal” life. However, when a dearly departed friend pleads for help, Lara goes on a globetrotting adventure fraught with new perils and a horrible truth that must be brought to light at all costs! Collects issues #7–#12 of the ongoing series.
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