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Gail Simone will write the upcoming Tomb Raider Comic that will be published by the Dark Horse.[1]

Previously she has worked with the world of Lara Croft by writing the episode Pre-Teen Raider of the animated series Tomb Raider: Re/visioned.[2]

In addition for writing the upcoming Tomb Raider Comic, Gail Simone has worked for e.g. the following comic titles: Birds of Prey, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl.[3]

Gail Simone's thoughts on the upcoming comic's story:

But the story that we're focusing on is more about her [Lara]. She has a lot of questions - a lot of questions about the world around her, about the world that she thought existed or that she thinks may exist. And so she's really a questioner and she wants to find out these answers and she's determined to find them. So, if you're in her way - watch out.
Gail Simone[4]

On 26th of February 2014, Simone's comic was published. The following statement was published via the Official Tomb Raider Blog:

Hi, Tomb Raider Community!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you on behalf of the entire Tomb Raider comic team, including artist Nico Selma and all the people at Dark Horse, for all the enthusiasm you have shown us about this upcoming series. When it was announced at San Diego Comicon, the response was electric, the huge Dark Horse booth became completely inundated with Tomb Raider fans…I had no idea there would be a response like this, and it’s one of my fondest convention memories. We are ridiculously excited to be working on this book featuring this amazing character, based on this extraordinary game.

I am particularly delighted to be working so closely with the makers of the game, Crystal Dynamics, and the wonderful Rhianna Pratchett, who was lead writer. I had breakfast with her in Middlesbrough, England at the Animex Animation Festival a couple weeks ago, and it was wonderful discussing secret German diary entries and the efficacy of the longbow versus the shotgun in mid-range combat (give me the longbow every time, I say…and as many headshots as possible!) over really good tea, while confused waiters milled around us wondering what in God’s name we were talking about.

Being able to work so closely with the people who made one of the best adventure games of all time, with my favorite videogame character, that’s a rare privilege and joy. It also gives us a chance to slip in some sneaky Easter eggs and hints of what is to come, because we are working hand in hand to ensure that everything fits together seamlessly. Sharp-eyed readers might spot some very cool stuff, fair warning.

We have some fun surprises planned, great locations around the world, bits of the past coming back to haunt Lara, and additional details about her friends that have never been revealed before. I can’t wait to share all this stuff with you. And thank you again for the incredible support!

Come share our adventure!

Always go for the headshot,

Gail Simone

PS. Thank you to Crystal Dynamics for the awesome bag of Lara Croft swag (this gig has PERKS)!
Gail Simone[5]


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