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The Free Online Dictionary defines a "fan" as "a person who admires or is enthusiastic about a pop star, actor, sport, or hobby".

Tomb Raider fans in the news

  • Niels Bernsden, an ardent Lara Croft fan, who in 2000 cycled from his home in Amsterdam all the way to Derby [1].
  • Andrew Kettle, Tomb Raider fan and hotel owner who in 2002 was 'distraught' at not being able to provide accomodation for Angelina Jolie and a Cradle Of Life film crew [2].

The Tomb Raider Anniversary Credit Inductees

In November 2006, Eidos made the following announcement (quoted verbatim from here) ;

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a celebration of Lara Croft and the people who helped make her what she is today – her fans. In North America it is a time of thanksgiving, and while the Holiday may not be universal, a message of thanks can still be sent to all. But as most know, actions speak louder than words, so to show our thanks, we have selected six fan site webmasters to be inducted into the credits of the game. These members have been chosen based on the quality of their work, time spent in service of the franchise, as well as their dedication and loyalty to the Tomb Raider brand.

The inductees are as follows:

Chris Ridgeon –
Stellalune –
Tom Waskuc –
Daniel Bevers –
Shahriyar Imanov–
Justin J. Farr –

To say that these members have been “dedicated” would be a large understatement - these people have poured their heart and soul into this franchise, and have done so for a very long time. They have helped spread the word about Tomb Raider, and together, have reached millions of people. Eidos appreciates the hard work and dedication shown by all of the members of the fan community, including those who are no longer in active roles. These initiatives are not with the intention of minimizing the outstanding work that has been done by people not included on the above list, as we understand it is the combined efforts of all that continue to make the Tomb Raider franchise what it is today. To everyone, we give our thanks. Also, since we understand that there are other ways to contribute to the Tomb Raider community than running a website, there might be some opportunities for a few fans to get their names into the credits as well… but more information about that will come in the future.

By the time of the game release, writer Katie Fleming had also been added to the credits.

Ten Years of Tomb Raider: A GameTap Retrospective

This video featured the following fans;

  • Katie Fleming in her role as Tomb Raider writer and actress.
  • Chantelle Slagmolen, a Lara actress/cosplayer from Amsterdam.
  • GoranAgar and CatSuitAndPonyTail, adminstrators of the Eidos Tomb Raider Forums and Lara figurine collectors.

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