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Tomb Raider Chronicles consists of thirteen Levels in four sections.

Streets of Rome

Main article: Streets of Rome

Streets of Rome, from the Rome Section of the game, is the first level of Tomb Raider Chronicles. Lara's main objective is to reach the Philosopher's Gate, in a garden area.

Trajan's Markets

Main article: Trajan's Markets

Trajan's Markets, the second level in the Rome Section, is also the second level of the game. In this level Lara has to find the Mars and Venus stones and bring them to the Philosopher's Gate and beat the Serpent Gargoyles guarding the gate.

The Colosseum

Main article: The Colosseum

The Colosseum, which concludes the Rome Section, is the third level of Chronicles.

The Base

Main article: The Base

The Base, the first level in the Russian Base and Submarine Section, is the fourth level of Tomb Raider Chronicles. Lara explores the Zapadnaya Litsa port, trying to sneak aboard a submarine.

The Submarine

Main article: The Submarine

The Submarine, the second level in the Russia Section, is the fifth level of the game. Lara has left the base and is now aboard a submarine. She begins the level unarmed.

Deepsea Dive

Main article: Deepsea Dive

Sinking Submarine

Main article: Sinking Submarine

Gallows Tree

Main article: Gallows Tree

The Gallows Tree is the first level of the Black Isle Section and the eights level overall.


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Old Mill

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13th Floor

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Escape with the Iris

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Red Alert!

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